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ontario college of trades header2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Ontario College of Trades

2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Ontario College of Trades

While the winners for the 2017 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a little bit, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. There’s still time to enter your best marketing and communication work before the deadline. Do it now>>

MarCom Awards Organization: Ontario College of Trades
Location: Toronto, ON
Title of Entry: “Make Your Mark”
Category: 256. Digital Media – Web Video – YouTube Video

Pursuing an education in the trades opens the door to unexpected opportunities, such as a film career. Ontario College of Trades aimed to bring attention to the unconventional opportunities one may receive after a trades education through the video entry, “Make Your Mark.”

In “Make Your Mark” a young girl pursues a film career through the trades, versus studying acting or directing. The short video emphasizes the versatility of a trades education through compelling storytelling.

The final deadline for entry to the 2017 MarCom Awards is Friday, September 15. To enter your work, visit here.



2017 MarCom Awards Now Open!

MarCom is seeking the brightest, most radical and revolutionary creatives who are rocking the marketing and communication industry. Only those who communicate boldly and brilliantly through planning, design and writing will be honored. 2017 COMPETITION OPENS AUGUST 1 | DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 15     WHY MARCOM? The mission of the MarCom Awards is to honor […]

f12a0bca-0580-4b97-b495-c18650ffd1abdotComm Awards Final Deadline Tomorrow!

dotComm Awards Final Deadline Tomorrow!

Prove to your clients and prospects that the work you are doing is exceptional and worthy of peer-reviewed awards. Tomorrow is the deadline to enter your web and digital work into one of the web’s premier creative competitions, the dotCOMM Awards. It just takes a few minutes to register, choose a category and upload work. […]

Hermes hurry-deadline today2017 Hermes Awards Deadline Today!

2017 Hermes Awards Deadline Today!

Hermes is designed with you in mind. Our online entry system is quick and easy to use. Our entries are priced at $85 (for most categories) so it is affordable to enter more than one project. Our judging and reporting is timely so you get results and accolades as soon as possible. Hermes judges convened […]

section-blog-headerAVA 2017 Early Entry Winners Posted

AVA 2017 Early Entry Winners Posted

*  We are posting scores as soon as we can, instead of waiting until after the deadline to post all at once. All winners will be posted on our Winner list and map by 9am central time, Wednesday, Feb. 1. *  All materials such as notification letter and summary of results will be available as […]

modal-BG2016 MarCom Awards Now Open!

2016 MarCom Awards Now Open!

No one has to tell you how crowded your industry is. In the U.S. alone, there are over 100,000 companies listed in local phone books that would love to help with advertising, marketing, graphic arts, public relations, web and digital. That number swells exponentially when you add all the individuals who work for those firms, […]

Hermes Statuettes2016 Hermes Creative Awards Now Open!

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Now Open!

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition that honors the messengers and creators of this revolution. Entrants are involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional programs and materials, and emerging technologies. The competition is designed for corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies, web innovators and freelancers. […]