2023 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Daniel J Edelman Ltd

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy Hermes Creative Awards entries throughout the competition. 

Hermes Creative Awards

Organization: Daniel J Edelman Ltd
Location: London, UK
Title of Entry: “Second Life Container”
Category: Strategic Campaigns | Public Relations/Communications | 78c. PR Campaign

Ever wonder how many golf balls are lost or discarded each year?  Daniel J Edelman Ltd, a global communications firm, estimated the number comes to approximately 1.5 billion. With the COVID-19 Pandemic hindering production across industries, Edelman decided to recover as many balls as possible and tie the effort to the DP World Tour. The European Tour was transitioning to the DP World Tour, and the event needed better exposure. DP World is a multinational logistics company based in Dubai. It was decided that the balls would be placed in a specially designed shipping container and transported to the countries hosting the tour. The company’s capabilities would be highlighted while at the same time promoting the golfing event. In a win-win situation, the advertising campaign generated hundreds-of-millions of impressions and hundreds of news articles across traditional and social media platforms. In the end, 130,000 balls were collected and eventually distributed to grassroots golf charities.
See more on project, here.
DP World