Texas A&M Foundation2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Texas A&M Foundation

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Texas A&M Foundation

While the winners for the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time!

Hermes Creative Awards Organization: Texas A&M Foundation
Location: College Station, Texas
Title of Entry: “Texas A&M Foundation 2015 Annual Report”
Category: 102. Nonprofit annual report

The Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit organization that financially sustains and nurtures one of the Lone Star State’s flagship universities. Most foundations have annual reports, but not everyone does a website version. The Texas A&M Foundation’s 2015 report could serve as a template for how they should look, read, and feel. The design is stellar, as are the smartly designed graphics and crisp text.  The site is easily navigable and filled with good content and bright visuals. See the report>>

Texas A&M Foundation 2015 Annual Report

national-university-of-singapore2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: National University of Singapore

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: National University of Singapore

While the winners for the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time!

Hermes Creative Awards Organization: National University of Singapore
Location: Singapore
Title of Entry: “NUS Local Admissions Video”
Category: 163. Marketing (Product) Video

The National University of Singapore is a global school ranked among the best in the world. The 40,000 students have more than 100 different degrees to choose from among the school’s three campuses.

NUS, like many other universities, is constantly seeking to attract the best and the brightest students. What better way to capture their attention than a POV video targeting the student demographic. The marketing video marries arresting cinematography with sophisticated graphics to capture the essence of the school and those who attend.

John Hancock Hermes Creative Award Winner2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: John Hancock

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: John Hancock

While the winners for the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time!

Hermes Creative Awards Company: John Hancock
Location: Boston, MA
Title of Entry: “John Hancock 2016 “Roland” Calendar”
Category: 23. Calendar

As far as calendars go, most are cut from the same cloth–a pretty picture each month, color gradients over the dates, and a philosophical statement or two. If not that, then twelve months of overt product placement.

John Hancock provides clients with financial solutions for every stage of life, including retirement plans. Its calendar creation delivers a serious tongue-in-cheek message on retirement. Using both satire and humor in original cartoons, the company captures attention while making a point. Think Gary Larson’s “Far Side” newspaper strip.

John Hancock 2016 Roland Calendar Cover John Hancock 2016 Roland Calendar 4 John Hancock 2016 Roland Calendar 7 John Hancock 2016 Roland Calendar 10

Mitosis Creative2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Mitosis

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Mitosis

While the winners for the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time!

Hermes Creative Awards Company: Mitosis
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Client: Think Big
Title of Entry: “Think Big Analytics Website”
Category: 93. Corporate Website

In the world of web design, the sites are becoming homogeneous with the same structure, colors, and styles. But Mitosis of Dayton, Ohio, bucks the trend. The company says it is not a branding company but rather a company that strives for a compelling digital brand experience that creates a cultural impact.

Recently, Mitosis created a website for Think Big, a data consulting company. The result is a splash of bold colors, strong concise writing, in a format that’s easily navigable. The web design is a refreshing change. See Think Big’s website>>

Think Big Analytics


Yes, you can get a book deal

How-to-Protect-or-Destroy-Your-Reputation-OnlineThe following is a blog article from MarCom Awards winner John P. David.

Back in October, I wrote a post about my efforts to write a book, my take on the publishing industry, and my desire to get a book deal. The reaction was fascinating and in some cases, very emotional. First, I learned that there’s a tremendous amount of underlying bitterness about the publishing business from unpublished authors. Second, many folks believe self-publishing is the way to go because traditional publishing is broken, and self-published authors can get a better share of the profits. And third, many folks believe it’s impossible for an unknown writer to get a deal.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to get a publishing contract because I did it. Career Press in New Jersey will publish my book, How to Protect (Or Destroy) Your Reputation Online, and it will be available in bookstores, online, and “wherever fine books are sold” by the end of the year or shortly thereafter.

Here’s how I did it

First, literary agents are the primary gatekeepers for the publishing industry. So, if you want to get a book deal as a non-fiction author, you first need to find an agent.

How do you get an agent? I didn’t know any, so I asked a few author friends to make introductions to theirs (an idea from my friend Bruce Turkel). I also researched and cross-referenced my LinkedIn contacts, looking for agents and any of my contacts who knew agents. I also joined Publishers Marketplace, a website where literary agents congregate and publicize book deals. From there, I started targeting agents who I thought might be interested in my book. I tackled it like a marketing campaign.

Starts with a query

Literary agents get pitched book ideas all day long, and the process almost always starts with a query, the industry term for what I call a pitch. I have been writing pitches to journalists for decades, literally. So I drafted a pitch and started sending it out to agents. Within a few days, the rejections started to flow in.  very agent who responded to me did so in a cordial and professional manner, by the way. Many didn’t respond at all, but I wasn’t keeping a firm count. About 10 days into the process, I got my first nibble. A very nice agent actually knew about my topic and asked to see my book proposal. Great news, right? Except I didn’t have a book proposal, which quickly led to me realizing, “Oh crap, I need to write a book proposal.”

Thank goodness for Google. I downloaded some sample book proposals and got to work writing an overview, researching competitive titles, and performing an analysis of the potential market. After a full day or so with my head down, I had written what I thought was a decent proposal. I ran it by an editor friend for comments and then zapped it off to the agent. Over the next few days, my outreach efforts started to pay off. About 10 agents expressed an interest in my book and three of them were interested in representing me. Another agent really liked me as an author, but didn’t like my book topic (she’s a cool lady and we have become friends).

After some interesting conversations, I chose to work with Jeff Herman, a well-regarded non-fiction book agent in Massachusetts. We fine-tuned my book proposal, and Jeff started doing his magic, sending the proposal to his contacts throughout the publishing world. Once again, within a few weeks I started receiving rejections, but this time from the biggest names in publishing. Then, in early December, Jeff reached out with promising news from Career Press. We had a few twists and turns and conducted some negotiations, but the deal was easily completed. The entire process, from my first query to signing the contract, took about three months.

Key factors

A few things worked in my favor. My topic, online reputation management, is still misunderstood by many businesses, and I’m fortunate to have my own take on it. Also, I think my 25-year career in public relations prepared me well for the process.

  1. Writing a query e-mail is a snap for a PR pro. We spend tons of time crafting e-mail pitches, which quickly deliver a message and value proposition. I’m sure you could do it, too.
  2. Proposals are another part of my business, but I think any business executive could punch out a book proposal, if they needed it – except for the sample chapters, which take some time.
  3. As a PR guy, I’m comfortable with rejection. I send phenomenal story ideas to journalists that don’t get considered all the time. I’m used to playing the odds like most people in business, and I had no desire to firebomb Random House when it turned me down.
  4. My life didn’t depend on getting the deal. Had Career Press not signed me, I would have figured out another plan. While I love my book about online reputation and expect it to do well, it’s not “the great American novel” and doesn’t define me or my career – at least not yet.

My completed manuscript is due to the publisher in a few months, and I will share cover design info and other things as we get closer. I’m also going to be asking for your support for pre-sales, so be prepared for that, my loyal friends, family, and fantastic acquaintances.  The process continues to be interesting, and I will share updates as they come in.

My main point is that if you have a good idea for a business book and the capability to write it, you can get a book deal – and I just told you how.


This article was originally published on DavidPRblog.com and has been republished with permission. 


John P. David of David PR GroupJohn P. David is founder and president of Miami-based media relations firm David PR Group, and represents law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies and technology start-ups. He has more than 20 years of experience in the public relations industry serving South Florida-based and national clients. David frequently blogs about public relations and marketing at www.DavidPRblog.com and his posts are regularly published by the Huffington Post. He also serves as a partner with online reputation management firm WebFactCheck.com, a website that enables businesses to effectively respond to negative Internet posts.

Hermes Statuettes2016 Hermes Creative Awards Now Open!

2016 Hermes Creative Awards Now Open!

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition that honors the messengers and creators of this revolution. Entrants are involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional programs and materials, and emerging technologies. The competition is designed for corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, design shops, production companies, web innovators and freelancers.

There are almost 200 categories under print, web, social and electronic media. In addition to individual deliverables like annual reports, websites and videos, categories also include public relations/communication campaigns and media placements.

There’s a , in our industry. Creative marketers are rapidly incorporating new approaches to the age-old challenge of promoting a message, product or service.

There’s an , to discover, invent and integrate methods to brand, promote, market and communicate internally and externally.

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ava digital awards2016 AVA Winners Posted!

2016 AVA Winners Posted!

AVA Digital Awards 2016 results are posted to your My Account. We’ve been listening to your suggestions and have implemented a number of enhancements for 2016.

  • All materials such as notification letter and summary of results will be available as printable documents through My Account.
  • Also new this year, for winning entries, you have the option to go back into My Account and add credits, project summaries or any other information you want to display about that entry. The information will be included in your Winners listing.
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  • Awards and a free certificate for each winning entry can be ordered through direct links from My Account or through the AVA Digital Store.
  • Winners can access downloadable graphics, a news release, general information and order forms from our AVA Digital Store.

For more information email us at info@avaawards or call 214-377-3527. Also, while you are in the store, you can be assisted through Live Chat.

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FINAL 2016 AVA Digital Awards Deadline TODAY!

Time is running out to enter your best websites, apps, videos, social media, ads and other digital work in the AVA Digital Awards.

Early deadline entrants have already been notified of their results, all other entrants will be notified on or before Friday, January 29. As soon as your results are posted to your My Account, you will be alerted by email.

New for 2016 is a redesigned Winner’s list. Each winning entry will now receive its own page. Title of entry, category and company information will automatically be posted to the page along with a link to the entry file (only if permission to display was granted during the entry process). In addition, entrants can go back through My Account and add any credits, project summaries or information that would enhance the listing.

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ava digital awardsAVA Awards Posting Winners Early

AVA Awards Posting Winners Early

We’ve been listening to your suggestions and have implemented a number of enhancements for 2016.

  • We are posting scores as soon as we can, instead of waiting until after the deadline to post all at once. All winners will be posted on our Winner’s list and map by 5pm central time, Friday, January 29.

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