HERO-6The 2019 AVA Digital Awards are now open!

The 2019 AVA Digital Awards are now open!

The 2019 AVA Digital Awards are open and accepting entries! Yep, 2019 is right even though we’re still in 2018. Enter your best digital projects by December 13 and you’ll receive your results by mid-January.

To enter, go to the AVA Awards site and log into your existing AVA account or register a new account. From there, entering is quick and easy. Just pick an entry title, choose a category and upload any URLs or files you’d like considered.

What kind of work do you recognize?

We recognize innovative industry work. AVA Digital boasts more than 200 categories devoted to all things digital – social media, websites, videos, digital marketing and more. If there isn’t a specific category that represents a project, AVA offers the option to write in a new category of the entrant’s liking.

Who enters?

AVA receives work from organizations of all sizes and industries, including freelancers. To see examples of past winning work, visit the AVA Digital Awards winner’s list. AVA Digital Awards judges will also feature stand-out entries throughout the competition on the AMCP blog and the AVA Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What are the entry fees?

AVA Digital Awards single entries are $110 and campaign entries are $175. Campaign entries are comprised of multiple pieces of media for one project, while single entries typically only have one attachment reviewed. To recognize the generosity of creative professionals, AMCP does not charge paid entrants for pro bono entries.

Who sponsors AVA?

AVA Digital Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). AMCP has provided third-party recognition to industry leaders for more than 20 years, making the AVA Digital Awards one of the most highly-regarded digital competitions in the world.


blog header2018 MarCom Winners Announced

2018 MarCom Winners Announced

That’s a wrap! All 2018 MarCom Awards entry results have been finalized and posted to entrant accounts. To see your entries results, visit your MarCom Awards My Account page. Each entry will be listed as a Platinum, Gold, Honorable Mention or non-winning entry.

All Platinum and Gold winning entries are listed on the MarCom Awards winners’ list. If winners would like to add a project synopsis, credits, clients or change images, they can do so from their My Account page. The last file upload on each entry is what displays on the winner’s page, so to change files, just re-upload the preferred image.

Don’t forget to order

Don’t forget to order your 2018 MarCom Awards certificates and statuettes! All certificates, statuettes and graphic downloads are found on the MarCom Awards store.

Let’s get social

We love to see our winners celebrating, so be sure to tag the MarCom Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages in your win announcements, certificate and statuette photos.

saatchi saatchi header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “It’s Shocking”
Category: 114. Print Media Creativity | Poster

What did you have for dinner? What are other, less fortunate, people eating?

Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness, a health and wellness agency, seeks to emotionally connect clients’ messages to target audiences. To bring attention to the harsh reality of finding resources on the street, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness partnered with St. George’s Common Table to create the “It’s Shocking,” campaign. The campaign focuses on educating people about the plight of the hungry in order to help spread the word about St. George’s offerings.

The campaign is comprised of a series of posters demonstrating the lack of food and resources the less fortunate face. The searing series of posters posted on bus kiosks delivers a stark, shocking message of the harsh realities of the hungry.

To view Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness’ full campaign, visit here.

The final deadline for the 2018 MarCom Awards is this Thursday, October 18. Enter now.

red hat header2018 MarCom Spotlight: Red Hat

2018 MarCom Spotlight: Red Hat

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Red Hat
Location: Raleigh, NC
Title of Entry: “Command Line Heroes, Season 1”
Category: 314. Video/Audio | Audio/Radio | Podcast

Podcasts are being utilized more every year to educate listeners and promote brands, and few organizations do podcasts better than Red Hat.

Red Hat is an innovate IT company that provides clients with everything from cloud computing to operating systems. Red Hat created a podcast series, titled Command Line Heroes, about IT professionals and how they shape the technology landscape.

The series utilizes clear writing, flashbacks, music, sound effects, and impressive talent to bring stories to life. For anyone who aspires to craft a quality podcast, the Command Line Heroes series is an excellent example.

To view Red Hat’s full Command Line Heroes site, visit here.

The final deadline for the 2018 MarCom Awards is October 18. Enter now, before it’s too late.

clarity header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Clarity PR

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Clarity PR

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Clarity PR
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “The Best of the Worst: A 3-Part Look at 2017’s Biggest PR Disasters (and How they Could have Been Avoided)”
Category: 280. Digital Media | Writing (Web) | Blog

All organizations make mistakes, but most of these missteps don’t make national headlines. Mishandling a crisis can land a brand in high-profile hot water. These situations are bad for the organization, but can lend important lessons down the line.

Clarity PR broke down 2017’s biggest PR blunders in a series of posts on their corporate blog. The series features three hard-to-forget PR disasters that made international headlines: Pepsi’s short-sighted “Live for Now” web video, United Airlines mishandling of a disgruntled customer and the dumpster fire that was Fyre Festival.

Clarity delves into each disaster and analyzes where each organization went wrong, and how they could have avoided or navigated each crisis. The blog series’ insights are applicable beyond the post’s specific crisis and offer lessons to PR practitioners and brands everywhere.

To view Clarity’s entire blog series, visit here.

The final deadline for the 2018 MarCom Awards is October 18. Enter now, before it’s too late.

savannah hilton head international header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport
Location: Savannah, GA
Title of Entry: “Savannah/Hilton Head International Pack Your Bags Campaign”
Category: 148c. Strategic Communications | Marketing/Promotion Campaign | Integrated Marketing

Traveling to a new destination means exciting new experiences. Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport took this idea and used it to build a campaign surrounding new flight offerings.

To create buzz around Savannah/Hilton Head International’s new and returning nonstop flight options, the airport launched their “Pack Your Bags” campaign. The campaign utilizes several different media, including video, print, and digital platforms, to reach their target audience of people in the Savannah/Hilton Head areas.

Each ad in the campaign features a suitcase filled with different items representing one of the non-stop destinations. Toronto features a maple leaf and maple syrup, while Chicago’s suitcase is filled with pizza and a baseball glove.

By focusing on the destinations’ various attributes, Savannah/Hilton Head International not only increased awareness surrounding their new flight offerings, but also generated excitement.


The 2018 MarCom Awards deadline is October 18. Enter now.

second story header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Second Story

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Second Story

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Second Story
Location: Manchester, MO
Title of Entry: “Vegas One Realty”
Category: 281. Digital Media | Writing (Web) | Web Content

Vegas One Realty caters to families buying into a market that traditionally serviced gamblers and fun seekers. VOR approached Second Story, a digital agency, to brainstorm how to reach their target audience in an already-saturated market.

To reach their audience, VOR and Second Story collaborated and created a website that not only entices prospective homebuyers but also conveys VOR‘s reputation as a reliable source of information for all things home owning. Instead of only providing listing information, VOR‘s new site allows users to navigate through Las Vegas’ various neighborhoods and read testimonials from satisfied VOR customers.

VOR explained their goal for revamping the site was to “provide thoughtful, relevant information to those who needed it.” By going beyond the typical real estate website that exclusively offers property information, VOR‘s well-written content serves as a reliable source of information for Las Vegas homeowners.

To view Vegas One Realty’s full site, visit here.

The 2018 MarCom Awards are still open. Enter today.

LHWH header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: LHWH

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: LHWH

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: LHWH
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Title of Entry: “LHWH Website”
Category: 189. Digital Media | Website | Marketing, PR, Advertising Agency

LHWH, an advertising and public relations agency, reigns from Myrtle Beach, SC but serves clients worldwide. Established 30 years ago, LHWH’s clientele includes healthcare systems, amusement parks, and national restaurants.

A website often serves as an agency’s first impression with potential clients, and LHWH’s site is one of the best. The website’s whimsical design delivers LHWH‘s key stats in a palette of colors, graphics, pictures, and videos. The site’s navigation is user-friendly and vivid graphics easily catch visitors’ attention.

To view LHWH’s site, visit here.

aflac header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Aflac

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Aflac

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Aflac
Location: Columbus, GA
Title of Entry: “Aflac 2017 Open Enrollment Media Relations Campaign: Empowering Consumers to Make Smart Benefits Choices”
Category: 174. Strategic Communications | Media Relations/Publicity |Media Coverage

One of the biggest decisions American workers face is choosing employee benefits. The wrong choice of insurance could not only threaten your health but also your bank account. A faulty retirement benefits decision could result in a cash shortage in your retirement years.

Aflac surveyed America and found 76 percent of the workforce is making key employee benefits decisions without overall knowledge of their plans. Armed with comprehensive statistics, Aflac initiated a nationwide media push to educate workers. Utilizing traditional and social media, Aflac secured placements in top-tier newspapers and networks along with generating millions of impressions.

To view Aflac’s project’s findings, visit here.

Our 2018 competition deadline is this Thursday. Send in your best work today.


ibm header2018 MarCom Spotlight: IBM

2018 MarCom Spotlight: IBM

he multiple We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: IBM
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “Outage”
Category: 297. Video/Audio| Video/Film | Marketing Product or Service

In a marriage of video and technology, IBM created an immersive experience allowing viewers to participate in a blackout, or outage, and make decisions instantaneously.  IBM’s interactive video experience, “Outage,” presented a situation in a city where electricity is down and chaos ensues—elevators are stuck, traffic is gridlocked, vital equipment shutdown.

“Outage” was presented at Mobile World Congress, where hundreds of attendees were presented with options and asked to make split-second decisions to resolve the outage.  The decision-based storylines elevated the viewing experience by immersing viewers in the video, instead of presenting facts and figures surrounding a typical outage.

Our 2018 competition deadline is this Thursday. Send in your best work today.