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2018 dotCOMM Awards Spotlight: Little Wolf Productions

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy dotCOMM Awards entries throughout the competition. 


Organization: Little Wolf Productions
Location: Vancouver, BC
Title of Entry: “Impacts of Climate Change upon Regional Marine Ecosystems”
Category: 62. Video for the Web – Educational Institution

Many educational videos take a text-based approach and outline key facts and figures surrounding the video’s chosen subject. While this is a perfectly acceptable form of video, another way to educate a video’s viewers is to give them a first-hand look at the subject.

Little Wolf Productions, a Vancouver-based production company, worked with the University of British Columbia’s Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study to shoot a video explaining climate change’s impact on ecosystems. The video follows Professor Chris Harley as he walks viewers through Calvert Island’s beaches and explains the effect of climate change on the island’s wildlife and landscape.

The combination of stunning imagery and Harley’s informative narration communicates the consequences of climate change by immersing the viewer, instead of only outlining facts on a screen.

Impacts of Climate Change with Prof. Chris Harley from Little Wolf Productions on Vimeo.

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