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2019 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Smithsonian Institution

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Smithsonian Institution
Location: Washington, DC
Title of Entry: “Smithsonian Superhero Campaign”
Category:  2c. Digital Marketing | Marketing, Digital |  Digital Marketing Campaign

The stereotypical superhero typically wears an elaborate costume, has superhuman physical abilities, and fights to protect humankind. But, what about everyday superheroes that fight for mankind by preserving culture?

Smithsonian created a superhero-themed campaign to highlight the institution’s important work. The nine-day campaign utilized email and interactive design to take recipients through an experience that allows them to build their own superhero squad.

The site uses comic-style graphics to guide users through choosing their own super hero squad. After choosing a loyal sidekick, a secret lair and an inspiring cause, users are presented with their three-person Smithsonian squad. Each squad member has their own video and bio to explain their work at the institution.

The campaign’s interactive capabilities and superhero theme showcases each Smithsonian expert’s invaluable knowledge and the need to fight for institutions that protect culture.

To view Smithsonian’s full campaign, visit here.