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microsoft header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Microsoft

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Microsoft

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: Microsoft
Location: Redmond, WA
Title of Entry: “The Brad Anderson Lunch Break Series”
Category: 257. Digital Media | Web Video | Other – Multi-part Web Video Series

The key to any successful interview is establishing a rapport with the interview guest. If guests are uncomfortable, the interview will feel stilted and only cover surface information. Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, demonstrates the importance of establishing a relationship with interviewees in Microsoft’s ongoing video series “Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break.”

The series follows Anderson as he interviews tech leadership from various companies on his lunch break. The videos are a corporate spin on other transportation-based videos, such as Carpool Karaoke and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Throughout the series, Anderson interviews guests to Microsoft’s Redmond, WA campus as they go to lunch. The interviews not only touch on the guests’ professional accomplishments but also personal interests and lives outside the office. Anderson’s rapport with video guests creates an approachable atmosphere, so the series has the feeling of casual conversations between two friends, instead of formal interviews.

To watch Microsoft’s full Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break series, visit here.

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stash header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Stash

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Stash

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries.  Organization: Stash Location: New York, NY Title of Entry: “Stash Banking Campaign Video” Category: 297. Video/Audio | Video/Film | Marketing Product or Service Stash, a financial services platform, is pioneering the future of mobile banking by partnering with Green Dot Bank and offering quick access to financial information.  To […]

creativelee header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Creative-Lee

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Creative-Lee

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries.  Organization: Creative-Lee Location: Waterloo, Ontario Title of Entry: “Human” Category: 114. Print Media – Print Creativity – Poster The old adage “one picture is worth a thousand words,” has lost some of its meaning in the digital age. “One picture,” has been replaced with multiple photo sharing options, polished graphics, high-resolution video and both […]

tricom b2b header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: TriComB2B

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: TriComB2B

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries.  Organization: TriCom B2B Location: Dayton, OH Title of Entry: “RVTV Video Series” Category: 256. Digital Media – Web Video – YouTube Video If you’re taking an RV trip, there are a few choices to make, including if you’d prefer regular gas or diesel.  If you don’t know what […]

federal grid header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Federal Grid Company

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Federal Grid Company

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries.  Organization: Federal Grid Company Location: Moscow, Russia Title of Entry: “Federal Grid Company: Towards Digital Energy” Category: 89. Print Media – Print Creativity – Annual Report/CSR Annual reports, by nature, include very dry financial information about a company’s status each year. Just because the subject matter is […]

rice header2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Rice University

2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Rice University

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries.  Organization: Rice University Location: Houston, Texas Title of Entry: “Unconventional students at Rice University” Category: 292. Video/Audio – Video/Film – Educational Institution We’re kicking off our 2018 competition by featuring Rice University’s entry, “Unconventional students at Rice University.” Rice shot a series of videos following various “unconventional” students […]

blog header15th Annual MarCom Awards Now Open

15th Annual MarCom Awards Now Open

Like a fine spirit maturing with age, the 15-year-old MarCom Awards is respected throughout the world for its fairness, value, and industry significance.

Each year, thousands of corporate communicators, PR and ad pros, designers, writers, developers, digital marketers and other strategists and technologists compete for MarCom recognition.

MarCom winners are the brightest, most radical and revolutionary creatives in the industry.

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WINNERS-POSTED-2017-012017 MarCom Awards Winners Posted

2017 MarCom Awards Winners Posted

The results are in! We’ve officially posted the 2017 MarCom Awards winners. Each entrant can view their results on their My Account page and use the interactive map on our Winners page to view their company and see the other winners in each category (if the entrant gave permission to display). If you are a […]

wynn header2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Wynn Las Vegas

2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Wynn Las Vegas

While the winners of the 2017 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a little bit, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out.  Organization: Wynn Las Vegas Location: Las Vegas, NV Title of Entry: “Tastemade’s ‘Making The Menu’ Series Explores Costa di Mare at Wynn Las Vegas” Category: 167. Strategic Communications – Media Relations/Publicity – Online Placement Las Vegas […]