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2019 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Outside the Frame

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy MarCom Awards entries throughout the competition.

MarCom Awards Organization: Outside the Frame
Location: New York City, NY
Title of Entry: “Perkins Eastman Providence College Ruane Friar Development Center”
Category: 291. Video/Audio | Video/Film | Corporate Image

What makes a great video? Storytelling is essential. There needs to be a beginning, middle, and end weaved together with flowing words from scripts and/or interviews. But a video is nothing without cinematography. It’s rare to view a video where the pictures not only support the words but elevate the script to a higher level. Outside the Frame is a video production company which draws from a deep talent pool of artists in New York and Los Angeles. The company recently produced this corporate video for architecture firm Perkins Eastman highlighting the new development center at Providence College. The result is a stunning paean to an innovative design.

To watch their full video, please click HERE, or peruse the video embedded below.

PERKINS PROVIDENCE FDC FINAL 093019 from Outside The Frame on Vimeo.

Our current competition is the 2019 MarCom Awards. The deadline is Thursday, October 17th. Enter now.