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MarCom Winner, CRC Marketing Solutions

Winner: CRC Marketing Solutions
Title of Entry: “Be a Heart Hero”
Location: Eden Prairie, MN
Client: United Health Care
Category: 14c. Advertising Campaign
United Healthcare partnered with Woman’s Day magazine to not only raise awareness of heart disease, but to prevent it.  CRC Marketing Solutions, an integrated marketing communications agency based in Minneapolis, created a direct marketing advertising campaign with the catchy phrase “Be a Heart Hero”.  While most creative would hit you over the head with the seriousness of the disease, this campaign takes a different tact.  The series of ads utilizes crisp writing, joyful photography, and simple,colorful graphics that attract your interest and still get across a very serious message.    >Be A Heart Hero 2012

MarCom Winner, Martin Retail Group

Winner: Martin Retail Group Location: Birmingham, AL Client: Fifth Third Bank Category: 271c. Radio Campaign It’s difficult enough to create an engaging, memorable radio campaign.  But when your client’s name is “Fifth Third Bank”…well. Martin Retail Group, with offices in several cities, is one of the largest advertising agencies in the country.  The auto industry accounts for […]


MarCom Winner, Deveney Communication

Winner: Deveney Communication Location: New Orleans, LA Client: Windsor Court Hotel Category: 7. Magazine Ad Advertisers rarely get more than one chance to grab readers flipping through a magazine.  The ad needs not only to be eye-catching, but engaging. Deveney Communication in New Orleans is a boutique agency with large and small clients, national and […]


MarCom Winner, McLellan Group

Winner: McLellan Multimedia Group Corp. Title of Entry: One in a Thousand Location: Toronto, ON, Canada Client: 1000 Islands Photo Art Category: iPad eBook App Every once in a while an entry comes across the judging table that totally enthralls us.  We quickly forget where we are and what we are doing. We become spectators, […]


Which Category Do I choose?

With the deadline now only a few days away, entries have all of a sudden started flooding in. If ever there was an industry that needs a deadline, it is marketing and communications. Perhaps, it is because we are creative types and we need a swift kick, or maybe it’s because everyone is overworked and […]


MarCom Winner, Truman Medical Center

Winner: Truman Medical Center Location: Kansas City, MO Category: Publicity Campaign Web Address: Truman Medical Center services a primarily poor urban area in Kansas City plagued by chronic illnesses.  The hospital knows that one of the paths to wellness is good nutrition, but often urban areas do not have adequate grocery stores that stock healthy […]


MarCom Winner, Institute of Food Technologists

Winner: Institute of Food Technologists Title: “World Without Food Science” Category: Informational, web video Web Address: Campaign Address: Riveting is not a word you would ordinarily associate with Food Science. But the makers of this informational web video created a story hard not to watch. Using black and white cinematography, sparse script, and […]



Winner: Shazaaam! Public Relations Location: Detroit , MI Business Type: Public Relations + Marketing Category: Pro Bono What is always noticeable in the MarCom Awards is the considerable pro bono work done by advertising agencies, public relations and marketing firms. Recently, Shazaaam! Public Relations in Detroit, Michigan volunteered to handle publicity surrounding a very charitable act to a needy family […]