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Marketing and Communication Professionals Give Back

AMCPThere may not be a more giving group of professionals than those involved in marketing and communication. In the most recent Hermes Creative Awards competition, there were about 200 pro bono entries.  Most of them were extensive, all-out efforts where the recipients were treated as regular paying clients.

At AMCP, we represent our industry by rewarding those who give their time and talents to others. We underwrite most of the cost of the Communitas Awards and every January allow our other program entrants to enter that competition for free.  We don’t charge for pro bono entries in the MarCom, Hermes and AVA Digital competitions and we give part of the entry fees to nonprofits. In the past few years, we have donated almost $100,000 on our entrant’s behalf. We are especially on the look-out for anyone who has been involved in our awards programs that have been beset by tragedy or health issues.  Among recent recipients have been individuals and organizations impacted by the hurricane on the east coast, a graphic designer whose police officer husband was shot and killed in the line of duty, and sponsorships to support projects that are helping others.

When we receive a letter like the one today, it makes it all worthwhile. I’m hoping all of the companies and individuals who are giving of themselves take a moment to know that it is appreciated,

May 3, 2013


In November of 2008, I was awarded a $500 grant to produce a medical documentary on a rare condition known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC). You and I spoke and I remember you said that you often don’t see the end result of the awards. I have never forgotten that conversation.

I spent close to 3 years traveling the United States and Spain interviewing families and trying to tell the right story. Then I went through a long process of stops and starts telling the story and finding a team of 3 to help me pull it together. I am proud to say our documentary will be released in June 2013. It has been a long process, a learning process and I can honestly say my best work.

This was important to me because my son was born with this rare condition and he changed my life in so many ways. If our story can touch one family, make one family considering getting a second opinion, becoming open to adoption of special needs children, then I succeeded. You can see the trailer here and below:

You were the first person, the first organization to believe in the work I was doing. I am forever grateful for getting that start.

Many thanks,

Peg Chaidez



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