2015 Hermes Creative Awards Entry Spotlight: WD, A Western Digital Company

While the winners for the 2015 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time!

Hermes Creative Awards Company: WD, A Western Digital Company
Location: Irvine, California
Title of Entry: “A Gift from the Heart”
Category: 156. Corporate Image Video

WDSo many times – well most of the time – a corporate image video starts with thunderous music over pretty music before segueing to a “voice of god” narrator followed by a CEO or company president expounding upon the virtues of the company. Throw in a few employee interviews and some smiling people, and you have the whole package.

Western Digital went a different direction. How do you make a company that specializes in external and internal hard drives attractive?  You tug on the heart strings. The corporate image video couples a grandfather and grandson with a long-held wish to travel the world. There’s a story with a message here and Western Digital is in the middle of it.


Enter the Communitas Awards for FREE Through Feb. 27, 2015

Communitas StatuetteOne of the things that sets AMCP apart from other marketing and communication awards programs is our philanthropy and encouragement of community involvement. During the past few years, AMCP has donated more than $150,000 to charitable, educational and artistic endeavors. We also waived thousands of dollars in entry fees for work that was produced pro bono.

And, through the Communitas Awards, we recognize individuals, companies, and organizations that are involved in community service and sustainable business practices.

Through February 27, we are also making it possible for anyone to nominate one person or company in the Communitas Awards for free.

This can be an individual or a corporate giant.

In the past, nominations have been for:

  • Pro bono services
  • Volunteerism
  • Diversity programs
  • Event underwriting
  • CSR programs
  • Recycling/energy-saving initiatives
  • Sustainability programs


To get your free nomination, you must bypass our online entry system and mail in your nomination.

  1. Go to www.communitasawards.com.
  2. Click on the Nominate button.
  3. Click on Print and Mail nomination entry forms.
  4. Fill out the paper forms and send them in. You can access categories by clicking on the categories button under the slider on the home page.

Questions? Email info@communitasawards.com for assistance.

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This Week’s Latest Tech Gadgets – Feb. 3, 2015

By Gregg Ellman

Tech reviews of the HooToo TripMate Elite, Qmadix ChargerLeash, Phiation BT 220 NC earbuds and Pelican ProGear 80QT Elite Cooler.

HooToo TripMate Elite

The HooToo TripMate Elite is a great addition for making travel simple.

HooToo TripMate Elite

Being a fan of all-in-one devices, this 5-in-1 moved to the top of my list since it has an AC adapter for charging, a pair of USB ports, built-in 6000mAh rechargeable battery, WiFi hotspots router and wireless bridge. It can even set up a personal cloud.

Hearing all that you might think you’ll have to carry a brick, but it’s really nice and portable, about the size of an Apple laptop power adapter.

The USB ports let you charge a smartphone and tablet simultaneously; there’s an Ethernet port, Internet level lights and a power button on the outside.

After you download the TripMate app, you can set up the cloud, attach external devices for access and storage, share music or videos, connect multiple devices to the Internet and bridge to existing Wifi connections for a better signal and greater distances. Read The Rest

2015 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: NoiseFloor, LTD

While the winners for the 2015 AVA Digital Awards won’t be announced until February 1, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

AVA Digital Awards Company: NoiseFloor
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Title of Entry: “Spyder DNA”
Category: 217. Ad Single Spot

NoiseFloorAudio is almost a lost art form. Music and sound effects are usually something that plays as background filler–something that is overpowered by visual images and dialogue. Occasionally though, the audio is integrated so well into a television commercial that in itself it becomes a force to be reckoned with. And that can be a good thing.

NoiseFloor is a Chicago-based sound and audio post facility with clients ranging from sports clubs to movie producers. NoiseFloor prides itself on creating sound to help tell a story. In a recent commercial for Spyder motor bikes, the audio house produced a sound bed that works flawlessly with dynamic video and powerful graphics.



This Week’s Latest Tech Gadgets – Jan. 13, 2014

By Gregg Ellman

Tech reviews of the Iris Smart Home electronic pet door, Oral-B PRO 5000 SmartSeries toothbrush, Boostcase lipstick charging accessory and the Child Separation Alarm.

Iris Smart Home Electronic Pet Door

Lowes electronic pet doorLowe’s has many products for home safety in their Iris Smart Home Solution series, launched in 2012, including something for your four-legged family member.

The electronic pet door (doggie door) is part of the single-user interface, where you monitor and control just about everything you want.

This includes the pet door that stays locked until your pet wants to do its thing. There’s a small electronic sensor you put on pet collars and then once he or she approaches the door, the alarm on the pet door shuts off instantly.

After the business is completed your friend can re-approach the pet door where the alarm again shuts off for them to enter. Once they either enter or leave and the door comes to a rest, the alarm is back on. Read The Rest

2015 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Klick Health

While the winners for the 2015 AVA Digital Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

AVA Digital Awards Company: Klick Health
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Title of Entry: “Klick Epic Holiday Office Remix”
Category: 117. Creativity in Web Video Editing

Klick HealthKlick Health is a digital marketing firm with a worldwide reach with teams across North America.

The company recently produced a holiday song remix video that stars nearly all of its more than 400 employees orchestrating music created through everyday office sounds and activities. It’s original, engaging and much fun to watch.



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