2014 MarCom Awards Entry Spotlight: 2e Creative

While the winners for the 2014 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

MarCom Awards Company: 2e Creative
Client: Siemens Healthcare
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Title of Entry: “Siemens Healthcare ABVS Video”
Category: 258. Informational Video

2e Creative2e Creative is a mid-size full service agency out of St. Louis, Missouri. The firm prides itself on “driving change for brands that shape our world.” The agency’s expertise is focused in health/medical, life science and technology.

2e recently produced an advocacy ad for Siemens Medical Solutions to raise awareness of breast density and mammograms. The problem with television ads is always how to visually convey a message about abstract or difficult subjects. 2e produced a simple way of communicating breast density by utilizing dozens of walking women with a white infinity backdrop.

Marrying various camera angles with a strong script and a subtle music bed, 2e produced a spot that creatively delivers a message. The final wide-angle overhead shot is the kicker.

Siemens Advocacy Video


2014 MarCom Awards Deadline TODAY

MarCom Awards Deadline TodayThe 2014 MarCom Awards deadline is upon us, but there’s still time.

Entering is a quick and easy process that only takes minutes. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Register
  2. Select category, add title of entry and fill in URL if applicable.
  3. Add additional entries.
  4. Proceed to check out and select either pay by Check or Credit Card. If pay by check, then mail it in.
  5. Upload files after checkout or send in your entries.

Visit marcomawards.com now to enter!

2014 MarCom Awards Entry Spotlight: ProPoint Graphics

While the winners for the 2014 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

MarCom Awards Company: ProPoint Graphics
Location: New York, New York
Title of Entry: Daylight Saving Time — A Historical and Practical Guide
Category: 208. Infographic

ProPoint GraphicsEver wonder how Daylight Saving Time got started?  Or how it was used during World War II? ProPoint Graphics of New York City was tasked with researching all things DST (by the way, there is no “s” at the end of “Saving”).

Many infographics display too much information or perhaps muddle the relationship between text and graphics. ProPoint easily works through these potential problems. The result is an eye-catching infographic that gives readers a quick and pertinent overview of DST past, present and future.

To find out what inspired designer Monica Siguenza to create the infographic, head over to ProPoint’s blog.

ProPoint Graphics - Infographic


Can Small Businesses and Freelancers Really Win a MarCom Award?

MarCom Awards - International Competition for Marketing and Communication Professionals

If you’ve checked out the list of past MarCom Award recipients, you’ve seen an impressive array of talented creative professionals. If you’re a smaller shop or freelancer, you might wonder if you have any shot of earning a MarCom Award when you see the names of the most prestigious firms and companies in the world.

Here’s the good news: If your work is creative, you have a chance. Read The Rest

Texas NICUSA’s Community Efforts Sparkle Year-round – Rain or Shine

Communitas Awards Company: Texas NICUSA
Title: “Texas NICUSA Gives Back”
Location: Austin, Texas
Category: 1. Leadership in Community Service

Texas.govGiving back to the community is something many companies do, but how many businesses serve their local citizens every week? And how many have been doing that for more than four years?

The Lone Star State has at least one business with such a strong devotion to giving back, Texas NICUSA. The private company operates Texas.gov, the state’s official website. Beyond overseeing the site, Texas NICUSA’s 100+ professionals take a more active role in the Austin area, helping all sorts of organizations from Austin Children’s Shelter to Meals on Wheels and Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

To find out more about how the company fosters a culture of service and how it decides which organizations to help, we chatted with Lisa Carrell, senior marketing associate with Texas NICUSA. Read The Rest

This Week’s Latest Tech Gadgets – Sept. 8, 2014

By Gregg Ellman

Tech reviews of the iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle, Moshi Digits gloves, Syncable-Duo cable and iLuv TimeShaker Micro.

iStabilizer Monopod & Shutter Remote Bundle

The iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle are the perfect solution to make selfie photos much more appealing because it lets you include your subjects and more of the environment around you.

iStabilizer remote

The iStabilizer (one foot long when collapsed, 1/2 lb.) attaches to a camera at one end and extends more than 3 feet, giving your camera far more reach for that coveted selfie. It’s compatible with most every smart phone and other action cameras including iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and GoPros.

But the key to the system is the hand-held wireless Shutter Remote (1.38 x 3.56 x 0.38-inches and weighing only an ounce).

The remote connects to your device with Bluetooth and fires with your camera app or “any other app that uses the volume button to trigger the shutter,” according to the company.

I fired it up with an iPhone 5s problem-free. Since it relies on Bluetooth, the remote can be about 35 feet from the camera if you’re using another device to keep it in place.

The remote also works with Apple computers (Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini) for snapping photos, music selections, volume and even to talk to Siri.

Cost: $59.95 for the bundle, includes the remote and monopod

Details: www.iStabilizer.com Read The Rest

Innovation & Creativity: The Heart of Pacific Technology Solutions’ Ingenuity

Pacific Technology SolutionsAMCP is constantly getting calls and emails from people volunteering to be judges. Everybody wants to see what the great innovators and creators are doing. In recent years, it has especially been exciting to see the progression of digital development and interactivity. For years, we have enjoyed the groundbreaking work of Pacific Technology Solutions (PTS). Based in Irvine, California, PTS is a pioneer in developing learning technology for the automotive industry.

It wasn’t that long ago that automotive training was revolutionized through the use of video. A mechanic at a local dealership could just pop the tape in the VCR and learn how to fix something. Today, Pacific Technology Solutions is developing web-based applications for eBusiness and eLearning software that can be experienced anywhere on a personal digital assistant.  And by the way, their training courseware and business systems are designed to incorporate in to and extend previous investments in IT and operational infrastructure. While the judges may not know what any of this is, they do know that the current training methods are far more graphic and easier to understand than the old ones.

In addition to being honored as one of the most prolific winners in MarCom Awards history, PTS’ software applications and training courses have been used by global, Tier 1 OEMs such as Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Audi and Volkswagen.

To learn more about Pacific Technology Solutions, we asked one of PTS’ principals and owners, Tony Rotundo, how his company is always prepared for technological advances and what’s ahead. Read The Rest

Behind the Scenes of PR Firm Copernio’s 55 Years of Success

CopernioWith rapidly changing technology, public relations and marketing firms have to constantly evolve to achieve effective results for their clients. Adapting is the only way a company can ensure future success.

Serving a variety of business from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, Copernio, a full-service public relations firm, has found a way to continue to creatively and effectively tell their clients’ stories through traditional and digital media.

In the company’s 55-year history, its team has launched many critical technologies including carbon composites, the first commercial satellites, the DVD standard, the first consumer MP3 player and many more.

To find out how the company has remained an industry leader throughout the years, we picked the brain of Copernio president Susan van Barneveld, APR. Read The Rest

This Week’s Latest Tech Gadgets – Aug. 19, 2014

By Gregg Ellman

Tech reviews of the Vaavud wind meter, Audiovox Mobile TV device and Rapoo wireless keyboards.

Vaavud Wind Meter

Vaavud Wind MeterWhen I saw an email inviting me to test the Vaavud wind meter, I thought it was just another one of those gimmick smartphone accessories.

But I decided to give this one a try since I’m a smartphone junkie and my wife thinks I’m a weather junkie. This could bring all my worlds together.

Much to my delight, the Vaavud works as advertised to “turn your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool.”

The cup-anemometer tool attaches to your headphone port (Android and iOS), and along with the Vaavud app, you instantly know the wind speed.

Of course the day I tested it there was no wind so I took it along for a ride in my neighborhood holding my iPhone 5s out the car window with the Vaavud attached.

It worked like a charm, reading the speed as I went faster or slower. The wind speed can be displayed in choices of m/s, knots, mph, km/h, bft.

The gadget is described as being designed like a wind measuring tool, the cup-anemometer. It has two-cup functionality instead of the standard three, enabling it to be pocket sized.

The app has user interactions with other Vaavud wind meter users globally to share your wind speed and find out what it is in other locations – the fun is endless!

Cost: $49.95 in choices of green, red or white

Details: Vaavud.com Read The Rest

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