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Visit AMCP Board Member’s Blog for Insightful Information on Technology Products

Whether you’re a serious technophile or just a casual consumer of high tech items, you owe it to yourself to visit This lively blog is written by AMCP (Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals) Advisory Board Member Gregg Ellman, and focuses on technology and specific devices that can make our lives easier. For example, Gregg has recently analyzed binoculars with a 52mm objective lens, crisp, clear in-ear speakers, a device that gives you hands-free video watching capability on your iPhone or iPod, a laptop charger that is also compatible with other devices (i.e., cell phone), a subwoofer that enhances sound quality from portable music players, and a laptop cooling fan. Mr. Ellman is a nationally syndicated columnist, media technophile, photographer and writer who can help us understand and even implement the latest communication tools. He has shared his knowledge of gadgets, cameras and media technology since 2005. Gregg and his wife Sharon also have a photography business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (


Communitas Awards Accepting Nominations Through Aug. 2, 2010 for Excellence in Community Service & Corporate Social Responsibility

Communitas Awards is now accepting nominations through August 2, 2010 to recognize exceptional businesses, organizations and individuals for Excellence in Community Service (volunteering, philanthropy), Corporate Responsibility (inclusion of public interest in corporate decision making, sustainability, green initiatives), and/or Community Service & Corporate Responsibility. For more information and to find, print and utilize nomination materials, please […]


We Are Proud to Salute Communitas Award Winner Nevada State Senator Valerie Wiener

State Senator Valerie Wiener introduced legislation to create the Nevada Youth Legislature (NYL), a program supported through volunteer resources and expertise. Nominated for Nevada Youth Legislature: Extended Training Program, the initiative encourages youths from the state to increase their commitment to civic engagement. As a result, youth legislators appointed by their state senator are required […]


We Are Proud to Salute Communitas Award Winner Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, PA)

The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, PA) is convinced that even as a small 188-employee company, it can make a large impact on the environment. Nominated for Giving Back to the Community Through Volunteerism, The Board of Pensions formed an internal team to identify methods of recycling and conservation, including electricity consumption […]


We Are Proud to Salute Communitas Award Winner Ciber DTS Customer Training Practice (Newport News, VA)

Ciber DTS Customer Training Practice (Newport News, VA) employee Evelina Johnson established a volunteer team with her colleagues. Nominated for its participation in The American Cancer Society’s 2009 Relay for Life, Ms. Johnson rallied the firm /with her passion and dedication. The lead volunteer also hosted several local fundraisers, placed American Cancer Society donation cans […]


2010 Communitas Award Nominee Kimberly Kanary (Associated Estates) Ensures U.S. Service Men and Women Are Not Forgotton

2010 Communitas Award Nominee Kimberly Kanary of premier apartment management company Associated Estates understands the sacrifices that our service men and women provide to our country — her brother-in-law is currently serving in Afghanistan. She was nominated for the award because of her diligent efforts to support those troops that began with a call to […]


2010 Communitas Award Nominee AARP VIVA TV Submits Intriguing Series

2010 Communitas Award Nominee AARP VIVA TV has submitted “Condición Crítica con el Dr. Elmer Huerta (Critical Condition with Dr. Elmer Huerta)”, an hour-long television special that spotlights the disparities in health status and healthcare in the Hispanic community, and the importance of prevention. Hosted by renowned prevention specialist Dr. Elmer Huerta, the show tells […]