AMCP’s Marcom, Ava and Hermes Creative Award Trophies to Make Cameo Appearance in Paramount’s Morning Glory

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals’ (AMCP’s) Hermes Creative, Marcom and Ava Award trophies are going Hollywood. The trophies symbolizing these awards that represent excellence in marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, emerging technologies and video production will make a cameo appearance in a scene from Pramount Pictures’ Morning Glory, a comedic glimpse of the cutthroat world of live television that is scheduled for a mid-November 2010 release. The scene, which is the 7th frame of the movie’s trailer (, shows the AMCP’s trophies standing proudly on two shelves in the background of a shot starring actress Rachel McAdams, who plays morning show producer Becky Fuller, and another TV producer character. The film also stars Harrison Ford, Jeff Goldblum and Diane Keaton.


Congratulations to AMCP Executive Director Ed Dalheim for Being Named YMCA of Arlington’ s 2009 Volunteer of the Year

Ed Dalheim, Executive Director for Arlington-based Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), has been named the Volunteer of the Year for 2009 by the YMCA of Arlington, Texas  ( This marks the 2nd time in three years that Mr. Dalheim has received the prestigious award, which recognizes strong volunteer commitment and dedication to the YMCA’s mission.

Mr. Dalheim serves as the chairperson for the Y’s marketing committee, is a member of the Board of Director’s executive committee and is a coach on a Miracle League baseball team. He recently produced a DVD presentation entitled “It’s My Y” that features numerous community and business leaders telling the story of how the organization’s staff, volunteers, services and programs serve the community and its citizens.

Mr. Dalheim is a longtime resident of Arlington. He is a former television reporter, political consultant and founder of Dalheim Communications, a leading marketing and communications firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“It is very important to everyone associated with AMCP that we give back to the community. Since our offices are located in Arlington, and the YMCA is the city’s largest social services organization, we have made the Y our top priority,” said Mr. Dalheim. “The Y is far more than a workout facility. It is the embodiment of a community spirit that has residents, educators, clergy, social service organizations, law enforcement and political leaders working together for a common goal.”

No one is ever turned away from the Y due to physical, social or financial limitations. Over 16 hundred children and adults receive financial aid from the Arlington Y each year. Over one-fourth of childcare participants receive aid. Last year, volunteers through the Strong Kids campaign raised more than $400,000 to cover those expenses.


Slugger Albert Pujols Reflects Spirit of Communitas Awards By Hosting a Young Fan and Cancer Survivor

St. Louis Cardinals’ slugger Albert Pujols recently reflected the spirit of the Communitas Awards when he hosted a young fan and cancer survivor at Busch Stadium who wanted to meet his hero after overcoming the challenges of chemotherapy. In conjunction with the Make-A-Wish foundation, ESPN’s “My Wish” series present the story of Jacob Trammell, whose cancer and subsequent chemotherapy treatment caused him to question his will to live. Jacob’s one wish was to meet the Cardinals first baseman, and the long ball basher gave Jacobs a surprise of his own. We invite you to access the link below and view this moving story about young Jacob, and his unforgettable encounter with Albert Pujols. The link also provides a Q&A with Jacob’s mother, Debbie Trammell, who discussed the highlights of her son’s My Wish experience with

ESPN SportsCenter’s series titled “My Wish” is a collaborative effort with the Make-A-Wish Foundation that chronicles the granting of unique sports-related wishes for five children. Each experience will be featured on SportsCenter. Please visit for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business. We are accepting nominations as they arrive.


MarCom Awards Now Accepting Submissions Through Mid-September 2010

MarCom Awards are now accepting submissions from individuals, companies and organizations involved in producing marketing and communication materials for external or internal audiences. Submissions must have been produced after January 1, 2009. The submission deadline is Sept. 10, 2010. Additional information, including printable submission forms, are available at


Be Sure to Visit AMCP Advisory Board Member Gregg Ellman’s High Tech Blog Covering the Latest High-Tech Items

Serious technophiles and casual high tech consumers are invited to visit, a timely blog that is written by AMCP (Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals) Advisory Board Member Gregg Ellman. Gregg’s blog focuses on technology and specific devices that can make our lives easier. For example, Gregg analyzes a compact printer that enables you to generate up to 19 pages per minute (depending on content) from virtually anywhere in your residence or office. He also dissects the benefits of a shoulder bag that enables photographers to carry high-end Single Lens Reflect equipment, but without the large, bulky look that tends to advertise that you are carrying high-end equipment. Mr. Ellman also takes an analytical look at high-tech items such as a device that gives you hands-free video watching capability on your iPhone or iPod, a laptop charger that is also compatible with other devices (i.e., cell phone), a subwoofer that enhances sound quality from portable music players, and a laptop cooling fan. Mr. Ellman is a nationally syndicated columnist, media technophile, photographer and writer who can help us understand and even implement the latest communication tools. He has shared his knowledge of gadgets, cameras and media technology since 2005. Gregg and his wife Sharon also have a photography business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (


2010 Communitas Award Nominee The College of Physiotherapists (Toronto, ON) Protects the Environment

2010 Communitas Award nominee The College of Physiotherapists of Ontario (Toronto, ON) has always taken a leading-edge approach to reducing costs, helping the environment and enhancing the efficiency with which to communicate with its more than 7,000 registrants. When the medical society realized that its 125-page paper version of its Registrants’ Guide was costly and environmentally harmful, it introduced a more technology-driven version on CD-ROM. In response to the CD-ROM’s inability to provide updates reflective of constantly-changing registrant information, the ASA reinvented and distributed the guide on a pre-loaded USB flash drive (in both Frendh and English versions) that enables and prompts users with an option to obtain revised data. The new registrant information may be uploaded from the College of Physiotherapist website ( to the USB flash drive each time it is inserted into the PC or laptop USB port. The organization has nominated its USB flash drive in the Green Initiatives category. Please visit for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business. The deadline for submitting nomination forms is August 2.


AMCP Invites You to Enjoy the “Greener Side” of Life

We hope that you enjoy the new Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) blog theme, Greener Side. This visual enhancement provides a refreshing backdrop for our posts and your comments. The outdoors-oriented theme, a pastoral setting featuring fresh cut grass, lush greenery and free, fluttering butterflies, also underscores AMCP’s commitment to environmental and corporate responsibility. Our Communitas Awards recognize organizations and individuals who give back to their communities through efforts to improve and sustain our environment, and to support the community.


We Are Proud to Salute 2010 Communitas Award Nominee LifeLock (Tempe, AZ)

2010 Communitas Award Nominee LifeLock (Tempe, AZ) believes in an open exchange of information to warn law enforcement and community members about identify theft. LifeLock, an identity protection service, has submitted a presentation packet it utilizes for a series of free educational seminars — LifeLock and FBI LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association): Identity Theft Summits for Law Enforcement. The seminars enable the company to exchange important trends, data and growing concerns regarding identity theft between law enforcement officials. Since 2008, the company has implemented 25 identify theft summits, educating more than 2,000 law enforcement officials from more than 750 agencies nationwide. As LifeLock educates law enforcement, it understands what officers deal with in prosecuting such cases, and incorporates that knowledge into new products and services. The company can also better educate members of the community about how to avoid being a victim of identity theft. The success of this effort has enabled LifeLock to target 36 new identify theft events for 2010. Please visit for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business. The deadline for submitting nomination forms is August 2.


We Are Proud to Salute 2010 Communitas Award Nominee Raytheon Company (Waltham, MA)

2010 Communitas Award Nominee Raytheon Company (Waltham, MA) believes in engaging, inspiring and honoring citizens in surrounding communities. The defense technology firm has submitted its newest Corporate Responsibility Report that outlines the vast reach of its community and volunteer efforts and results. The report explains that Raytheon has expanded its MathMovesU initiative, and has introduced its Sum Of All Thrills program that lets guests custom-design and experience their own virtual thrill ride. These efforts are designed to educate young students about the power of math and inspire them to pursue math-related activities and careers. The report indicates that Raytheon’s employees also visit local Boys and Girls Clubs to explore math or science through sports, and host a rocket-launch competition to inspire students to learn principles of aerospace engineering. According to the report, Raytheon supports members of the Armed Forces by building the Fisher House Boston, a facility that offers temporary lodging for families when a military member or dependent requires extended medical care. Collectively, Raytheon employees provided more than 36,000 hours of their time to volunteer efforts last year, according to the report. Please visit for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business. The deadline for submitting nomination forms is August 2.


NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Underscores Spirit of Communitas Awards With 200th Make-A-Wish Appearance

The spirit of the Communitas Awards was recently underscored by NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who made the wish of a lifetime come true for a 15-year old fan who is battling a kidney disease. You can read the heart-warming story — the 200th Make-A-Wish appearance by Dale, Jr. — by accessing this link:,256781.
The story details the meeting between the two, which is part of SportCenter’s “My Wish” series (a collaboration between ESPN and Make-A-Wish Foundation). Please visit for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business. The deadline for nominations is August 2, 2010.