Cool New Gadgets 02.06.12

by Gregg Ellman

Power on the go is something we all need since it’s difficult to keep most of our portable electronic gadgets running from dawn to dusk.

There are many great choices and here is a sampling;

The Innergie PocketCell 3000mAh pocket-sized battery features my personal favorite; the 3-in-1 USB cable.

I’ll get to the battery in a second, but the USB cable alone is something everyone should own. On one end is a standard USB connection, while on the other end are a miniUSB, microUSB and an Apple 30-pin connection.

Each connector slides into another, so you have everything you need to charge just about every device from one cable.

The Apple connection is on the end and slides out to expose the microUSB connection, which slides out to get to the miniUSB. Even when you are down to the miniUSB, the others are still attached so nothing gets lost.

As for the battery, Innergie rates it to give you about 70 additional hours for an iPod, more than 25 hours for an iPhone or 4.5 hours for an iPad. Amounts can vary depending on how much you use different features on a device.

Innergie also has a dual USB 10W auto adapter ($16.99) for simultaneously charging a pair of phones and the 15W USB AC wall plug ($24.99) for charging multiple devices, including tablets, in any AC wall outlet. PocketCell $79


Mophie makes an iPhone case; the Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4/4S that’s equipped with a 2000mAh battery built right into the case.

Flip a switch when your iPhone’s battery needs a charge and the case’s built-in battery keeps you going while also fully charging the device.

Your phone can also charge and sync when the case is connected to a wall outlet or a computer through its built-in USB connection.

Mophie rates the case to extend the device for up to 8 hours of talk time, 11 hours for video watching and almost 2 days of audio playback.

Other Juice Packs are available for some Android and tablet models; check the Mophie website for specifics. $99.95


The iPowerUp iPower for iPhone 4/4S case has 300 less amps than the Juice Pack and costs a lot less. It has a built-in battery with 1700mAh to give you about 5 hours of additional talk time, 6 hours of video playing or 28 hours of audio time according to the device’s box.

Both cases add very little size to the phone except for the bottom, which extends about a .25-inch for the built-in battery.

Battery cases are also available for Blackberry and other mobile devices.


Taking the power one step further is the 4800mAh Targus Backup Battery, which is a 5.0 V, 2.1A output battery.

You can expect 5 to 10 extra hours of use on an iPad or you can fully charge a smart- phone 3 to 5 times according to Targus.

This monster of a battery easily fits in your pocket since it measure just 4.25 x 2.5 x .5- inches and has a 4 level LED battery level indicator so you know how much power is left before the battery itself needs a charge (USB). $52.62


The Qmadix 20W USB Twin Table charging kit is for charging two different power-hungry devices simultaneously in a mobile vehicle.

The 20W charger gives out 10W and 2.1 amps of power in each of the USB ports for devices including tablets.

Advanced Smart Circuitry is built in to prevent overheating or overcharging and a 4-foot Apple 30-pin cable is included. $23.22


The number of charges and hours of use can vary by device depending on the features of the device.

The age of your device, along with how many times it has been charged and how many times any of these external batteries have been charged, will also affect the time to charge and how many hours of extended use you will get.

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2012 Hermes Creative Awards Now Open

Hermes Creative Awards today unveiled a new website and began accepting entries in the 2012 competition.  Postmark deadline is March 16.

The new website retains the recognizable rust color but changes dramatically in its design, content and interactivity.  New features such as a winners gallery and judge’s comments will enable us to be more dynamic and informative.

The winners gallery on our home page will be constantly changing as we will be uploading some of the best and most interesting submissions.  In addition, judges will be blogging about what they are seeing.  We will also be profiling some of the entrants and their extraordinary work.

The 2012 competition has many new categories that reflect the rapidly evolving creative marketing and communications industry.  There is more emphasis on new media, web interactivity and social media, while still recognizing the importance of traditional media such as brochures, print advertising and periodicals.

2012 Entry brochures will be mailed to our database on Friday.  If you have never entered Hermes, MarCom or AVA and want a brochure, let us know.

Check us out at:


Super Bowl Commercials

It’s that time of year again, when some of the most creative work on television is debuted to some 1 billion people.  If only commercials were this good during the other 364 days of year.

In honor of the Super Bowl commercial we are offering another look at the best of all time.

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New George Harrison App

New App

If you like the Beatles or really like music, specifically guitar licks, you are going to love this new app.  George Harrison fans, this is for you.

Did you ever wonder what guitar George’s guitar collection looked like?  Did you ever wonder what guitar he used for certain songs?  If you answered yes to one or both questions, check out this new app which premieres later this month.

George Harrison App


All New AMCP Blog!

The AMCP Blog is currently undergoing a site re-design equipped with all new interactive features, such as Marketing & Communication videos, industry links, new technology info, and more.