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AAA header2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: AAA Northern California, Nevada, Utah

2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: AAA Northern California, Nevada, Utah

Communitas Awards Nominee: AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah
Title: “AAA Gives Child Passenger Safety a Boost in the Community”
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Category: 3.0 Excellence in Community Service – Skills Based Community Service – Leadership in Skills-based Community Service

AAA Image 1Car and booster seats reduce the chances of fatal injury during a car crash by 71 percent for infants and 54 percent for toddlers. Sadly, three out of four safety seats are installed incorrectly because of lack of education surrounding proper installation.

AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah showed their commitment to Child Passenger Safety (CPS) by pledging to complete 15,000 car seat inspections and donate 15,000 car seats by 2020. As part of their commitment, AAA trains Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians to provide full car and booster seat inspections free-of-charge at AAA locations.  Along with training CPS Technicians, AAA provides car seat safety educational resources, participates in local car seat safety events, and donates car and booster seats to local nonprofits.

In addition to training more than 115 CPS Technicians to date, AAA donated 4,300 car seats to nonprofit partners and completed 5,181 car seat inspections during 2017 alone.

To learn more about AAA’s car seat educational resources, visit here.



tulsa housing authority header2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: Bryon Dickens

2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: Bryon Dickens

Organization: Tulsa Housing Authority Nominee: Bryon Dickens Title: “Bryon Dickens – Transforming the Lives of Minority Males” Location: Tulsa, OK Category: 6.0 – Excellence in Community Service – Community Service/Other – Making a Difference The State of Oklahoma reports 1 in 80 state residents are incarcerated, and 45 percent of the state’s inmates are black. Two years ago, Oklahoma […]

concierge auctions header2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: Concierge Auctions

2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: Concierge Auctions

Organization: Concierge Auctions Title: “Concierge Auctions Key for Key®” Location: New York City, NY Category: 8. Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility – Other Concierge Auctions, a New York City-based luxury real estate firm, started their Key for Key® program with Giveback Homes. Through the Key for Key® program, Giveback Homes will build a home […]

hilborn digital header2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: Hilborn Digital

2018 Communitas Awards Spotlight: Hilborn Digital

Organization: Hilborn Digital Title: “Website Development & Hosting Provided for “Niagara Hearts Potcakes” International Animal Rescue Group” Location: Toronto, ON Category: 8. Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility – Other Many nonprofit organizations may not have the funding or resources necessary to create a well-designed website. Fortunately, there are many community-minded agencies who can use […]

gallery-6-870x250-01Enter the Communitas Awards for FREE Through Feb. 27, 2015

Enter the Communitas Awards for FREE Through Feb. 27, 2015

One of the things that sets AMCP apart from other marketing and communication awards programs is our philanthropy and encouragement of community involvement. During the past few years, AMCP has donated more than $150,000 to charitable, educational and artistic endeavors. We also waived thousands of dollars in entry fees for work that was produced pro […]


Communitas Awards Spotlight: Alliance Data

Communitas Awards Individual: Alliance Data
Title: “2014 Excellence in Community Services”
Location: Plano, Texas
Category: 1. Leadership in Community Service

Alliance Data Systems

When designing and implementing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan, professionals must look outward at community initiatives as well as inward if they want to create an all-inclusive strategy. Few companies have broad plans that address CSR at every level; however, Alliance Data is one of the rare ones that does and it has its strategy laid out in a well-documented plan.

To learn why the company, recently named one of the world’s most admired companies by Fortune, decided to create a formal strategy, we spoke with Danielle Ricketts, external communications specialist for Alliance Data. Ricketts was also able to give us a glimpse at its results inside and outside the Texas-based business.

Q: Alliance Data’s approach to corporate responsibility is comprehensive, covering not only community service but also other efforts that result in positive change and improved business practices. Why did leadership decide to create a formal strategy, and how has it affected Alliance Data overall?


Communitas Awards Spotlight: Genesis Health System

Individual: Genesis Health System Title: “Meeting Community Health Needs” Location: Davenport, Iowa Category: 3. Leadership in Skills-Based Community Service Good health should not be taken for granted when trying to create a strong, prosperous community, according to the team at Genesis Health System based in Davenport, Iowa. Leveraging their expertise and resources to enrich the lives of people in […]


Brilliant Factory Furthers Historic Hotel’s Preservation Efforts in a Pinch

Communitas Awards Company: Brilliant Factory
Title: “Hacienda Hotel Restoration”
Location: New Port Richey, Florida
Category: 3.1 Pro Bono

Brilliant FactoryMany are familiar with making the impossible possible in the face of short deadlines. But how many have donated their time and resources to help with such efforts?

Well, that’s exactly what a two-person crew from Brilliant Factory did. With only a weekend to complete a 2.5-minute video for the city of New Port Richey’s business development director, the team delivered a polished, persuasive video using original footage and anything else they could uncover about the Historic Hacienda Hotel.

To learn more about why Brilliant Factory stepped in to tell the story of its historic hotel and how it created a clip on such short notice, we talked with Brilliant Factory’s Jeffrey Hilton.


Education for All Children: Why Patrina Marino Designs

Individual: Patrina Marino with Davidoff Associates Title: “ChangeALife Uganda: Annual Review 2013” Location: New York, New York Category: 1.5 Individual Participation The skills of marketing and communication professionals are needed across the world for a plethora of reasons. Patrina Marino, principal at New York-based design consulting firm Davidoff Associates, has chosen to donate her skills and expertise for the […]