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Texas NICUSA’s Community Efforts Sparkle Year-round – Rain or Shine

Communitas Awards Company: Texas NICUSA
Title: “Texas NICUSA Gives Back”
Location: Austin, Texas
Category: 1. Leadership in Community Service

Texas.govGiving back to the community is something many companies do, but how many businesses serve their local citizens every week? And how many have been doing that for more than four years?

The Lone Star State has at least one business with such a strong devotion to giving back, Texas NICUSA. The private company operates, the state’s official website. Beyond overseeing the site, Texas NICUSA’s 100+ professionals take a more active role in the Austin area, helping all sorts of organizations from Austin Children’s Shelter to Meals on Wheels and Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

To find out more about how the company fosters a culture of service and how it decides which organizations to help, we chatted with Lisa Carrell, senior marketing associate with Texas NICUSA.


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