2022 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Deem

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy MarCom Awards entries throughout the competition.

MarCom Awards Organization: Deem
Location: Oakland, CA
Title of Entry: “Etta Business Travel Booking App, Powered by Deem”
Category: Digital Media | Mobile App/Web | 197c. App for Business

Want to get away?  Want to get away without the usual travel hassles?  Etta has you covered with a mobile app.  Etta services the travel industry. It’s mobile app (after ten years) needed not only a makeover but major surgery.  The designers incorporated splashy graphics with a creative interface to provide travelers with a seamless travel experience from doorstep to lodging.  The app even integrates an Uber feature with green energy choices.  The app is user friendly and thorough.