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2018 MarCom Awards Spotlight: TriComB2B

We’re showcasing some of this year’s competitions stand-out entries. 

MarCom Awards Organization: TriCom B2B
Location: Dayton, OH
Title of Entry: “RVTV Video Series”
Category: 256. Digital Media – Web Video – YouTube Video

If you’re taking an RV trip, there are a few choices to make, including if you’d prefer regular gas or diesel.  If you don’t know what fuel is the best for you, TriComB2B’s video for their client, Cummins, will explain. This video compares the two fuels on a cross-country road trip. The subject matter may sound a bit boring, but the way the information is presented it is anything but.

Through sharp dialogue delivered by sensational talent, the road trip is a fun romp through the countryside. Well directed and written, the video also cleverly edited and shot.  It moves along at a pace quicker than the RV rolling down I-35. As for the answer to the question: gas or diesel, you have to watch the video to find out.

Our 2018 competition is in full swing and accepting entries. Send in your best work today.