MarCom Winner, Truman Medical Center

Winner: Truman Medical Center
Location: Kansas City, MO
Category: Publicity Campaign
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Truman Medical Center services a primarily poor urban area in Kansas City plagued by chronic illnesses.  The hospital knows that one of the paths to wellness is good nutrition, but often urban areas do not have adequate grocery stores that stock healthy foods.  These areas are known as “food deserts”.  This past year the hospital decided to expand upon an idea;  bring nutrition to the people utlitizng a mobile grocery store in a bus.
Truman Medical Center’s challenge was to not only get the word out, but to prod people to visit the “Healthy Harvest Mobile Market”.  The advertising campaign utilized all mediums and even partnered with the Kansas City Chiefs to promote the effort during football games.  The results were media placements in almost all local media outlets.  The story even went national.  At every weekly stop, more than a 100 urban residents turned out to buy the produce so sorely missing from their neighborhood stores.