2021 AVA Awards Spotlight: YR Media

AVA Digital Awards Organization: YR Media
Location: Oakland, CA
Title of Entry: “Unadopted”
Category: Video Production | Long Form Video | 605. Documentary

More than 400,000 kids are in foster care across America every year and many will never get adopted. Noel Anaya was one of those. After aging out of the system and being emancipated at age 21, he began a journey to find out why. His efforts led to his heart-wrenching documentary “Unadopted”. It was produced under the umbrella of the YR Media group, a national network of young journalists who collaborate and provide content for organizations like NPR and the New York Times. This is a very personal story of Noel’s search for the truth, which eventually leads him back to his foster parents and biological mother. Along the way, he introduces the audience to other foster kids who also never found a ‘forever’ home. The documentary is open, honest, and emotional delivering a powerful message in an understated voice.