The time is now

dotCOMM Deadline | June 18th

The world as we know it is in a state of unknown. The next time you and your coworkers will be together in the office is anyone’s guess. But we can’t stay stagnant. Employees, clients, and companies need to showcase their value now more than ever. So, here are 4 reasons why NOW is the right time to enter the 2020 dotCOMM Awards!

We need to show what matters – value for clients, colleagues, and our industry. Our awards shine a light on the amazing work you produce. You already know you’re an all-star – your clients and colleagues are telling you. Now is your chance to let the rest of the industry know too.

Opportunity to be seen as a value-creating leader. Our awards are an undeniable chance to elevate your (or your client’s) company image and reputation.

Everyone could use a confidence boost. When we’re apart and working from home, now is a great opportunity to reward your team for their exceptional efforts, giving them a morale boost, and reaffirm the purpose of their work despite the immense stress.

Industry benchmark against the best of the best: Find out how you stack up against your peers and competitors when it comes to creating value for you, your team, and your clients.

To find out more about how you can be part of the 2020 dotCOMM Awards, click HERE to get more information, and click HERE to register.

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