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2020 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: People’s Television

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy Hermes Creative Awards entries throughout the competition. 

Hermes Creative Awards

Organization: People’s Television
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “Nestle’s Plastic Monster”
Category: Electronic Media / Social Media / Interactive Media | Video | 169. Nonprofit

Greenpeace is an international environmental organization whose tactics are aggressive to achieve maximum impact. The organization has rammed ships and unleashed water canons to face-down environmental lawbreakers. Recently, Greenpeace launched a social media video campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of single-use plastic while calling out one of the biggest global contributors to the problem. It’s fairly dark, but not without a bit of humor. The campaign message hits home in this spot, though corporate giant Nestle will probably not find it quite as funny.

To view People’s Television’s full campaign details, click here.

The deadline for the 2020 Hermes Creative Awards is Thursday, March 19th. Enter now.