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2020 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: University of Notre Dame

AVA Digital Awards Organization: University of Notre Dame
Location: Notre Dame, IN
Title of Entry: “Tantur: Hill in the Holy Land”
Category: Audio Production / Radio | Audio Production/Radio | 219. Podcast

As podcasts go, most usually contain the main narrator with one or more guests in an interview type setting.  The topics can be riveting or boring, depending on the participants.  But, to truly draw-in and engage the listener, a podcast needs dynamic production with a creative flair.  Notre Dame University produces a podcast series that captures the imagination while educating its listeners.  “Tantur:  Hill in the Holy Land”, traces the University’s presence in Jerusalem.  The podcast’s music, natural sound, and sound effects meld with the narration to take you to the heart of the holy city.  It creates a feeling of place and time. The podcast techniques are nothing new, in fact, they are quite old.  They harken back to the golden age of radio in the 1940s. To listen to the podcast, please click HERE.