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2019 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Chambers

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Chambers
Location: Clareville, Australia
Title of Entry: “Star of Hope”
Category: 211. Video Production | Creativity (Video Production) | Videography

If you live in the middle of the Australian Outback, what the options for your children’s education? If they go away to school, how do you keep in touch?

A broadband service has just the answer. Told through the eyes of Zara, one of four siblings, the story of the family centers on their rural cattle ranch. The cinematography frames the words and emotions of a charming preteen and her family. The cinematography is so exceptional that the message would be easily delivered even without narration.

Golden hour photography, drone shots, and captured intimate moments all blend together to deliver the audience to the Star of Hope Ranch where a broadband service preserves a way of life while expanding horizons.

To view Chambers’ full video, visit here.

Star of Hope – nbn from Brand Expression on Vimeo.

The deadline for the 2019 AVA Awards is December 13. Enter today.