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2018 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: WP BrandStudio

We’re showcasing some of the most innovative and creative AVA Digital Awards entries. The AVA Digital Awards is one of the most highly regarded digital competitions in the world. Enter your best work for a chance at third-party recognition.

AVA Digital Awards Organization: WP BrandStudio
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “WP BrandStudio & Siemens – Defending Against A Cyberattack”
Category: 6c. Digital Marketing – Marketing, Digital – Interactive Brand Experience

No organization is safe from cybercrime, no matter the industry. Technology professionals are well-versed in cybercrime preparation, but the average person may not always have a full understanding of cyberattacks and how to prevent them.

Washington Post’s branded content team, WP BrandStudio, worked with Siemens to create an interactive cyberattack experience. The interactive content gives users a glimpse into both the dangers of cyberattacks, and the precautions businesses and governments have undergone to prepare for these dangers.

In the interactive site, users are prompted to choose between two scenarios: a manufacturing plant and a power station. Once users choose their path, they’re run through a virtual campus of the scenario with a timeline explaining the cyberattack process, and mock organizations vulnerabilities.

The site’s interactive content explains the abstract concept of cybercrime through a hands-on experience.

To view WP BrandStudio and Siemen’s full experience, visit here.

The final deadline for the 2018 AVA Digital Awards is Thursday, January 18. Enter now.