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2018 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: HYFN

We’re showcasing some of the most innovative and creative AVA Digital Awards entries. The AVA Digital Awards is one of the most highly regarded digital competitions in the world. Enter your best work for a chance at third-party recognition.

AVA Digital Awards Organization: HYFN
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Title of Entry: “ID Ideology Men’s”
Category: 4c. Digital Marketing – Marketing, Digital – Social Campaign

Introducing a new brand into a saturated market can be an undertaking, especially when that market is athleisure. With many already well-established retailers, the entire athleisure market is anticipated to exceed $80 billion by 2020.

HYFN was approached by Macy’s to set Macy’s athletic line, ID by Ideology, apart from other competitors in the athleisure market. HYFN approached this challenge by focusing on the brand’s functional appeal towards the everyday athlete, and instilled the campaign-wide tagline “Accepting All Athletes.”

Instead of pursuing high-profile athletes as influencers, HYFN worked with an army veteran, a weatherman and a college student to represent the brand. HYFN shot a series of videos and photography capturing each of their influencer’s athletic abilities. The media was later used in a series of social campaigns, along with product photography, and the “Accepting All Athletes” tagline.

To garner interest beyond social platforms, HYFN and ID Ideology celebrated the line’s launch at the Venice Beach Boardwalk. The brand set up a finish line for joggers, handed out Macy’s gift cards, and cheered on the crowd to celebrate everyday athletes.

HYFN’s campaign and strategy for ID Ideology was an overwhelming success, with an overall campaign reach of 2.2 million and generated more than 14,000 purchases. To view the full campaign site, visit here.

ID Ideology Men’s – Brand Launch Video from HYFN on Vimeo.

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