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2018 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Creative Capers Entertainment

We’re showcasing some of the most innovative and creative AVA Digital Awards entries. The AVA Digital Awards is one of the most highly regarded digital competitions in the world. Enter your best work for a chance at third-party recognition.

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Creative Capers Entertainment
Location: Altadena, CA
Title of Entry: “The Wonderful World of Walt
Category: 122. Web-Based Production – Creativity (Web Video) – Special Effects/Animation

Working with a well-established brand is an exciting opportunity, especially when that brand is as treasured as Disney.

Creative Capers Entertainment had the idea to bring life to an interview with Walt Disney through animation. Pete Martin, a journalist, interviewed Disney during the 1950s, and excerpts from the interview were used in the biography, “The Story of Walt Disney.”

The studio created a video combining footage from Martin’s original interview with Disney, and animation from Creative Capers. In “The Wonderful World of Walt,” an animated version of Walt Disney tells anecdotes from his life and describes his vision for Disneyland. The video takes viewers through many beloved locations, including Walt Disney’s office and various Disneyland landmarks.

Finally, the video ends with a nostalgic shot of Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse and waving goodbye to viewers in front of Disneyland’s castle.

The final deadline for the 2018 AVA Digital Awards is January 18. Enter now.