2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Morgan Stanley

While the winners of the 2017 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a little bit, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. There’s still time to enter your best marketing and communication work before the deadline. Do it now>>

MarCom Awards Organization: Morgan Stanley
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “Capital Creates Change Virtual Reality”
Category: 257. Digital Media – Web Video – Other – Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality is not brand new, but new enough to pose a challenge as to how properly utilize it’s unique character. Most of the VR experiences in marketing and journalism are users interfacing with the images of a 360-camera. Often no context is given.

Morgan Stanley recently commissioned a website that explores climate change around the world through VR. Not only are the images stunning but the context of what you are seeing is delivered through heartfelt narration by those experiencing the upheaval.