2014 Hermes Creative Awards Entry Spotlight: Visix

While the winners for the 2014 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

Hermes Creative Awards Company: Visix Inc.
Client: Virginia Commonwealth University
Title of Entry: “VCU Interactive Wayfinding Kiosk”
Location: Norcross, Georgia
Category: 118. Interactive Capabilities

visix-digital-signage-software-solutionsAs online directories continue to replace phone books, it’s not surprising that organizations replace the standard billboard-style map with electronic building directories.

Privately held software development firm Visix helped Virginia Commonwealth University leap into the electronic age with its McGlothlin Medical Education Center Directory on a wayfinding kiosk.

The software, designed by Visix, provides navigation help for visitors around the building as well as the VCU campus. People are given the options of browsing the building by floor and taking a look at the school’s map in addition to finding a person, department or specific room.

After selecting a destination to a certain location, users are instructed to take the elevator to correct floor and the software illustrates the necessary route to arrive at their endpoint.

Visix is careful not to overload visitors, using animation sparingly while still providing visual cues. If visitors are first-time users of the kiosk, they can easily identify their next steps without feeling overwhelmed.