We Are Proud to Salute 2010 Communitas Award Nominee West Basin Municipal Water District (Carson, CA)

2010 Communitas Award nominee West Basin Municipal Water District (Carson, CA) takes great pride in the commitment it has made to protecting the environment, one of its five core customer commitments. The provider of imported and recycled water to 17 cities and more than a million people in coastal Los Angeles, wholesale water agency is a leader in water conservation. Its programs impact industries, cities, adults and children. West Basin recently launched a program to send free water conservation kits to children who sign up for “Water Star” by saving 20 gallons per day. In addition, the agency is shifting to locally-produced water resources to reduce its overall energy use and carbon footprint while providing a sustainable supply of water. Its implementation of recycled water recently helped Honda’s headquarters location become a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified building. And, in partnership with Surfrider Foundation, West Basin offers free Ocean Friendly Garden classes that teach residents how to create more efficient landscapes by replacing part of their lawns with native plants and semi-permeable landscaping. Its current conservation focus is to save water outdoors, where most of the waste occurs in southern California. These and related company-wide efforts are being nominated for Communitas Awards for Sustainability and for Green Initiatives. Please visit www.communitasawards.com for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business. Communitas Awards continues to process submissions as they arrive at Association for Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) headquarters.