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Now you can access the latest information on the devices that fuel your technology-driven lifestyle. Serious technophiles and casual high tech consumers should bookmark and visit, a timely blog penned by AMCP (Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals) Advisory Board Member Gregg Ellman. Gregg’s blog focuses on technology and specific devices that can make our lives easier. For example, Gregg’s latest entry analyzes an item that docks and charges any Apple media player (i.e., iPod and iPhone), and features an input to support any other model of MP3 player. He also writes about children’s headphones with soft padded ear cups, as well as a device that provides noise cancellation and dual microphone capability for those desiring hands-free usage of Blue Tooth capabilities. Mr. Ellman is a nationally syndicated columnist, media technophile, photographer and writer who can help us understand and even implement the latest tools of technology. He has shared his knowledge of gadgets, cameras and media technology since 2005. Gregg and his wife Sharon also have a photography business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (