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2021 AVA Awards Spotlight: The Distillery Ltd

AVA Digital Awards Organization: The Distillery Ltd
Location: Brighton, East Sussex
Title of Entry: “Making 1-to-1 conversations possible at scale, with voundry, our personalisation engine”
Category: Digital Video Creation | Digital Video Creation | 409. Other — Personalisation Engine

Did you know that the average person sees up to 10,000 ads every single day? To ensure its content gets the attention it deserves, distillery makes it personal using its own video personalisation engine voundry. Using consensual customer data, such as age, gender, or purchase habits, voundry can render hundreds of thousands of videos and GIFs in minutes to engage customers with messages that resonate with them on an individual level. One powerful example of what can be achieved with voundry is distillery’s most recent campaign for WaterAid, the NGO making clean water more readily available worldwide for drinking and other essential needs. Every year, WaterAid launches a challenge that asks Australians to “raise a glass to the one drink the world can’t live without”, aiming to raise funds for every one in nine people worldwide who do not have access to it. To help the NGO spread this important message, distillery turned a global water shortage crisis into a relatable issue: using voundry, distillery repurposed WaterAid’s existing video assets into 2,000 unique videos tailored to resonate with each individual recipient, addressing them by name, appealing to their specific reasons for joining the challenge, and reminding them of the need for donations. The personalised videos sent by email achieved the highest open and click-through rates of any others sent by WaterAid, making it the NGO’s most successful campaign yet and helping to raise funds for 785 million people in need.