2020 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: BluBlu Studios

AVA Digital Awards Organization: BluBlu Studios
Location: PL – Warszawa
Title of Entry: “Sensei”
Category: 207. Video Production | Creativity (Video Production) | Graphics/Design

Checking out at a store can be a time consuming and sometimes painful experience. There is usually a rush of people around each checkout lane. Some stores have erected self-service kiosks to relieve the traffic jam, but consumers have to play the role of the cashier, which also can be frustrating. Sensei is a new technology created to allow stores to be cashier-free. Built on AI and other various algorithms, Sensei is a concept that could have been a challenge to visualize. But in the capable hands BluBlu studios, the concept is brought to life in an animated world. BluBlue, an international company, created a sleek and stylish video that allows consumers a peek into the future of retail. Please view their explanation video below, or click here to view it in your browser.

The 2020 AVA Digital Awards Final Deadline is January 16th. Enter ASAP.