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2019 AVA Digital Awards: Content Creatures

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Content Creatures
Location: Dorking, United Kingdom
Title of Entry: “Wyelands Bank Brand Commercial”
Category: 140. Video Production | Commercials | Financial Institution

Content Creatures, a London based branded content agency and animation studio, prides itself of putting the “emotion into motion.” The agency recently worked with Wyelands Bank to create a commercial highlighting the bank’s services.

Content Creatures created an animated commercial to spread the word that a trustworthy bank is integral to later successes. Instead of using a text-heavy format highlighting Wyelands Bank’s key facts and figures, the agency told the story of different interlocking businesses through animation. The commercial takes the more mundane aspects of banking, such as commercial loans, and presents them in a more personal light. Content Creatures‘ talent for storytelling conveyed the intimate nature of banking, and how banking shapes our futures.

WYELANDS-BRAND-FILM-MASTER from Content Creatures on Vimeo.

The deadline for the 2019 AVA Awards is today. Don’t forget to enter.