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2019 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Stash

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Stash
Location: New York, NY
Title of Entry: “Stash – Retire Like A Baddie”
Category: 5c. Digital Marketing | Marketing, Digital | Integrated Marketing

What’s the best way to reach millennials?  Through their favorite influencer, of course.

Market research shows that 60 percent of millennials have no savings. Stash, a financial services platform, recognized millennials aren’t considering their financial futures and set out to spread the message that saving for retirement isn’t boring.

So, Stash featured Baddie Winkle, the Internet’s coolest grandma, in a series about living your best life in retirement. With 3.8 million Instagram followers and her signature larger-than-life style, she was the perfect person to amplify the message of a long life is a fun life when you prepare for retirement.

Stash and Baddie’s collaboration made a major splash, generating 7.3 million impressions, 2.2 million engagements and 23,000 new Stash accounts. The campaign’s overwhelming success shows the importance of who delivers a message to an audience.

The 2019 AVA Digital Awards deadline is December 13. Enter ASAP.