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2018 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: DCPI Creative Group

We’re showcasing some of the most innovative and creative AVA Digital Awards entries. The AVA Digital Awards is one of the most highly regarded digital competitions in the world. Enter your best work for a chance at third-party recognition.

AVA Digital Awards Organization: DCPI Creative Group
Location: Glendale, CA
Title of Entry: “First Best Friend”
Category: 2c. Digital Marketing – Marketing, Digital – Digital Marketing Campaign

Winnie the Pooh is a perennial character in literature, movies, television specials, and toys. Although Pooh is a nostalgic character for older generations, newer generations are not as familiar with the character. Disney Consumer Products was faced with the challenge to reintroduce Pooh to newer generations with their own household characters.

To introduce today’s children to Winnie the Pooh, Disney created a digital campaign that reaches parents. In a clever digital tagged ‘First Best Friend”, Disney targets new parents and reminds them of something they may have forgotten.  Pooh is rendered as a living, breathing, cuddly creature ready to make new memories with new friends.  The series of videos is as charming as the character.

The 2018 AVA Digital Awards first deadline is December 14. Enter now.