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2018 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Multipleoutlet Productions

We’re showcasing some of the most innovative and creative AVA Digital Awards entries. The AVA Digital Awards is one of the most highly regarded digital competitions in the world. Enter your best work for a chance at third-party recognition.

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Multipleoutlet Productions
Location: Hollis, NY
Title of Entry: “The Drug Reality,” and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD”
Category: 184. Video Production – Long Form Video – Nonprofit

Tactfully addressing sensitive subjects can be difficult for filmmakers, but when successfully executed, can make a memorable piece.

Multipleoutlet Productions was approached by Amudim Community Resources, a nonprofit, to create videos encompassing Amudim’s services. The organization provides a variety of support, education, awareness and intervention services for families in difficult circumstances.

Multipleoutlet demonstrated Amudim’s impact through a series of videos depicting private, but unfortunately common, struggles families face in every community. In “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD,” a man feels alone from childhood trauma, and in “The Drug Reality” a family navigates their daughter’s addiction.

Both videos use well-executed storytelling and cinematography to convey how Amudim Community Resouces’ services provide support for people facing these unimaginable situations.