2016-2017 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Tipping Point Media

We’re showcasing select entries that stand out until all the AVA Digital Awards winners are announced. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted.

AVA Digital Awards Organization: Tipping Point Media
Title of Entry: “Revolutionizing the Art in Science Augmented Reality Campaign”
Location: West Chester, PA
Category: 4c. Interactive Brand Experience


New technology delivers different and exciting ways to experience the world. Three-D is an example of one perspective. Augmented reality another.

Tipping Point Media of West Chester, Pennsylvania, takes these evolving mediums and creates new worlds for pharmaceutical, medical, and science-related industries. Tipping Point recently developed an augmented reality training campaign that brought the human body to life within the confines of a tablet.

Download the app and see more here: http://www.tipmedia.com/reality/