AVA Winner: West Virginia University

Winner: West Virginia Univervity
Title of Entry: What We Hold Dear:  Morgantown Has Changed
Location: Morgantown, WV
Category: 181.Educational Institution

How do you stress the past while connecting to the future?  How do you revel in tradition without seeming stodgy or out-of-step?  West Virginia University manages to reach all these goals and more in a mesmerizing video called “What We Hold Dear: Morgantown Has Changed”.  The video weaves old and new into a  nimbly crafted seamless story.  The narrative is carried by students who serve as tour guides through campus and town highlighting what has remained the same and what has changed.  The theme is visually emphasized through historic photos that are match framed into the present-day environment through clever edits.  The fast video motion, along with simple but memorable music, keeps things moving along.  There is even a time lapse treat at the end.