2012 Communitas Awards Winner: Huawei Technologies

Winner: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Location: Based in China
Business Type: Telecommunications

Communitas Awards is a program from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals that honors companies and individuals throughout the world for community service and social responsibility

China-Based Telecommunications Company Helps The Communities It Serves

As a responsible corporate citizen, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is committed to supporting the local communities where it operates. The international telecommunications company drives positive change by contributing to a range of welfare, health and educational programs.

Education is a key pillar in Huawei’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Location: Kenya
Nomination Title: Telecom Seeds for the Future Program
Category: 3.1 Pro BonoHuawei works with Kenyan universities, the government and telecom operators to improve Information and Communication Technology (ICT) educational programs. Through its ongoing Seeds for the Future program, Huawei dedicates staff, donates equipment and uses its facilities to help train Kenyans for local telecom jobs that otherwise would go to outsiders. Huawei also sponsors a competition for Android application development to enhance localized innovation.
Location: Hungary
Nomination Title: Huawei Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
Category: 2.1 Organizations’ Specific ProgramThrough its Innovative leaders of Tomorrow Program, Huawei is providing partial scholarships for 75 students from 2011-2015. In addition to funding, the program also includes mentoring from Huawei personnel. The program is designed to prepare engineering students from Hungary’s top two schools for a career in the telecom industry.
Location: Poland
Nomination Title: Support to the School with 2.0 Project
Category: 1.4 PhilanthropyHuawei is involved in a national educational effort in Poland’s schools called School with Class 2.0. The program teaches students how to thrive in the world of digital and global communication. Last year over 65 000 students were involved in debates, lessons, projects and school digital festivals. The program is conducted by Centrum for Civic Education with support from the biggest Polish daily newspaper and The Polish Minister of Education.Huawei’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy also involves giving back to the communities in which it operates by participating in charitable causes.
Location: Australia
Nomination Title: Partnership with Tour de Cure
Category: 1.3 Community PartnershipThrough the Tour de Cure Tour, a 10-day bicycle ride in Queensland, Australia, Huawei is a significant player in the fight to end Australia’s cancer crisis. In 2012, for the second consecutive year, Huawei was a major sponsor in terms of money and manpower. This year’s tour saw over 90 riders and support crew raise awareness and over $2 million for research projects designed to find a cure.Lisa Connors, Huawei staff, Tour de Cure rider, raised $15,000 by herself.
Location: Nigeria
Nomination Title: Support to Nungtsu Charity Fund

Category: 1.4 PhilanthropyHuawei is involved in Nigeria’s Nungtsu Charity Foundation through donations and participation in programs that improve the lives of widows and orphans- many of them victims of the AIDS epidemic and war. The Charity Foundation provides food, drugs, shelter, clothes, medical facilities and job training. Huawei employees volunteer for camps and other activities for the kids.