We Are Proud to Salute Communitas Award Winner Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, PA)

The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, PA) is convinced that even as a small 188-employee company, it can make a large impact on the environment. Nominated for Giving Back to the Community Through Volunteerism, The Board of Pensions formed an internal team to identify methods of recycling and conservation, including electricity consumption reduction, water consumption, and decreasing use of paper. Recycling cans were placed in every office, cubicle, and conference room, and employees were encouraged to turn off lights, monitors and printers when appropriate. Incoming packing materials is used for outgoing shipping needs, and duplex printing and electronic file sharing also are included in the firm’s green initiative. In addition to earning a Communitas Award for Company Sponsored Volunteer Project Community, the firm used this initiative to embrace a cultural change affecting the firm’s business practices – creating a foundation that incorporates sustainability into its future decision making. Please visit www.communitasawards.com for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business.