2010 Communitas Award Nominee AARP VIVA TV Submits Intriguing Series

2010 Communitas Award Nominee AARP VIVA TV has submitted “Condición Crítica con el Dr. Elmer Huerta (Critical Condition with Dr. Elmer Huerta)”, an hour-long television special that spotlights the disparities in health status and healthcare in the Hispanic community, and the importance of prevention. Hosted by renowned prevention specialist Dr. Elmer Huerta, the show tells personal stories of Hispanics who live with disease and chronic health problems, struggle to pay for medications or bills, or are unable to visit a doctor. Additional stories identify those who have “fallen through the cracks” because – despite having insurance — their out-of-pocket medical costs are too high. The six segment show, which was nominated for MAKING A DIFFERENCE, aired on Telemundo in 14 markets during the month of May, and will continue to be featured on AARP’s website. Please visit www.communitasawards.com for printable nomination forms and information on how to nominate a deserving individual and/or business.