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klick logo for blog2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Klick Inc.

2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Klick Inc.

While the winners of the 2017 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a little bit, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. There’s still time to enter your best marketing and communication work before the deadline. Do it now>>

MarCom Awards Organization: Klick Inc.
Location: Toronto, ON
Title of Entry: “SymPulse™ Tele-empathy”
Category: 321c. Write Your Own Category – Other – Innovative Use of Technology

Understanding the challenges of movement disorders can be difficult for others who have never experienced movement complications. Klick Inc. aims to increase the understanding of these challenges through their SymPulse™ technology.

SymPulse™ uses an electromyography (EMG) band to convey a patient’s muscle activity to whoever is wearing the band. Using this technology, physicians, caregivers and loved ones can experience the patient’s tremors.

Klick Photo

Klick Inc. captured volunteers’ reaction to using SymPulse™ technology in their video “Experience the Unimaginable with SymPulse™ – Leading The Tele-Empathy Revolution.” In the video, volunteers complete every-day tasks while experiencing Parkinson’s disease tremors through the SymPulse™ EMG band.

Klick2015-16 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Klick Inc.

2015-16 AVA Digital Awards Spotlight: Klick Inc.

We’re showcasing select entries that stand out until all the AVA Digital Awards winners are announced. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Organization: Klick Inc. Title of Entry: “Zach King Brings Christmas Bling to Klick!” Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Category: 167. Corporate Entertainment Video Zach King is a YouTube star and there […]