2022 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: HDK Media

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy Hermes Creative Awards entries throughout the competition. 

Hermes Creative Awards

Organization: HDK Media
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Title of Entry: “Orphan Sponsorship Reimagination””
Category: 311c. Strategic Campaigns | Marketing | Digital Marketing Campaign


Zakat is a form of alms giving found in the Quran and one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith. The practice enables some Muslims of certain wealth to donate to worthy causes through individual organizations.  The Zakat Foundation of America’s mission is to serve poverty stricken countries and people through clean water, food, and aid to orphans.  In the foundation’s digital marketing campaign, the problem of sponsoring orphans in poor and war-torn countries is highlighted.  The campaign video asks a simple question: “Are appearances everything?”  The video is simply shot with bare graphics displaying the faces of children.  Viewers are voyeurs looking over the shoulder of a woman deciding what children to sponsor with a donation.  As the story unfolds, the question is emotionally answered.

To view their full submission, click here.

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