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2020 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Pace Communications

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy MarCom Awards entries throughout the competition.

MarCom Awards Organization: Pace
Location: Greensboro, NC
Title of Entry: “Life-Changing Decisions”
Category: Video/Audio | Video/Film | 298. Marketing (Product or Service)

Storytelling is a claim made by many but actually achieved by few. PACE knows how to tell a story. In this case, the product is a credit card from Branch, Banking, and Trust–BB&T (now Truist). The agency, with offices in North Carolina, New York, and Texas, weaves the card into a lifelong narrative that begins with a road trip among friends. Courtship, marriage, and births eventually lead to an empty nest and a return to the road. It’s a heartwarming adventure, aided and nurtured by BB&T (now Truist).

The deadline for the 2020 MarCom Awards is September 17th. Enter now, before it’s too late.