Deadline next week – Are you prepared?

Deadline Next Week | June 18th

Every single day, you and your team are working hard, racking your brains for the next big creative idea. You prepare briefs, have countless meetings, agree on the project, and get to work. Then you present your project to the world. You live for the times you know you have created magic.

Being creative in this digital world is an uphill battle. You are a warrior, fighting and clawing your way through the day. We know – we’re right there too. But, the reality is you aren’t always working on the sexy, big-budget, exciting projects. Day in and day out, you are trying to do the best with what you have.

Our dotCOMM awards honor the magical projects, as well as creative excellence in the everyday digital battlefield. If you are doing great work, you should receive the recognition you deserve. We want you to walk into your office or client meeting with statuettes in hand and your head held high.

Next week is our entry deadline and time is running out. It’s GO time! Run, don’t walk, and get your team on board stat! It’s time to put your websites, social media, videos, and digital work to the test and let us do the rest.

Enter Now
Whether you’re a digital or web firm, marketing, PR or ad agency, or corporate communications team — entering is a breeze and affordable. Each category is $95 for single entries or $175 for programs and campaigns. Enter today and you will receive your results quickly. Judges are already working on the early entries and should be finished by mid-July.

Curious to see what you’re up against? Check out last year’s winners here.