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2018 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: PatientPoint

We’ll continue to feature some of this year’s most noteworthy Hermes Creative Awards entries throughout the competition. 

Hermes Creative Awards Organization: PatientPoint
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Title of Entry: “Manage Insomnia with Medicines”
Category: 158. Electronic Media/Social Media/Interactive Media – Video – Educational

We’ve all seen pharmaceutical commercials on television about some type of ailment and a pharmaceutical answer that ends with ten seconds of side effects. PatientPoint, a point-of-care marketing company dedicated to increasing patient knowledge, satisfaction, and compliance, aims to create medical videos that focus on cures for ailments without lengthy, concerning disclaimers.

As part of their mission, PatientPoint creates various videos to educate patients about medical problems they may face, and provide soothing explanations and solutions to those problems. The technique is incredibly imaginative, taking concepts and turning them into colorful messaging. PatientPoint provides educational resources covering a variety of topics, including identifying your blood type, taking painkillers safely, and our featured video that explains how to manage insomnia in a graphically abstract and stylized production.

To view PatientPoint ‘s full video, visit here.

The 2018 Hermes Creative Awards are still open and accepting entries. The final deadline is April 26. Enter today.