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2017 MarCom Awards Spotlight: Art & Science

While the winners of the 2017 MarCom Awards won’t be announced for a little bit, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. There’s still time to enter your best marketing and communication work before the deadline. Do it now>>

MarCom Awards Organization: Art & Science
Location: Toronto, ON
Title of Entry: “LandMarks2017/ Repères2017”
Category: 271. Digital Media – Website

Technology and nature are not normally thought of as going hand in hand, but Art & Science dreamt up a way to use technology to represent both nature and art.

Art & Science created a website for LandMarks2017/Reperes2017, a project that features art in Canada’s National Parks. The agency went beyond a site that simply provides information for the project and created a fully immersive experience.

Site users begin at the main interface, a night sky featuring various stars as destinations. From their starting point, users click and drag around the site to go to various stars, or destinations. Each destination represents a different art project. Once a destination is selected, the site launches into the “journey,” through digitized landscapes featuring Canadian flora and fauna.

After users have reached their chosen destination, they view the gallery associated with the project. Users are then taken back to the night sky where they can go to a new destination and view their personal journey, as well as the journeys of other users.

The site creates opportunities for users worldwide to appreciate the Landmarks2017/Repères2017 project. We highly suggest spending some time going through the website,, to have the full experience and appreciate Art & Science’s vision.