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2016 Hermes Creative Awards Spotlight: Texas A&M Foundation

While the winners for the 2016 Hermes Creative Awards won’t be announced for a while, we’re showcasing select entries that stand out. Keep checking back to see if your work will be highlighted. Haven’t entered yet? There’s still time!

Hermes Creative Awards Organization: Texas A&M Foundation
Location: College Station, Texas
Title of Entry: “Texas A&M Foundation 2015 Annual Report”
Category: 102. Nonprofit annual report

The Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit organization that financially sustains and nurtures one of the Lone Star State’s flagship universities. Most foundations have annual reports, but not everyone does a website version. The Texas A&M Foundation’s 2015 report could serve as a template for how they should look, read, and feel. The design is stellar, as are the smartly designed graphics and crisp text.  The site is easily navigable and filled with good content and bright visuals. See the report>>

Texas A&M Foundation 2015 Annual Report