Behind the Scenes of PR Firm Copernio’s 55 Years of Success

CopernioWith rapidly changing technology, public relations and marketing firms have to constantly evolve to achieve effective results for their clients. Adapting is the only way a company can ensure future success.

Serving a variety of business from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, Copernio, a full-service public relations firm, has found a way to continue to creatively and effectively tell their clients’ stories through traditional and digital media.

In the company’s 55-year history, its team has launched many critical technologies including carbon composites, the first commercial satellites, the DVD standard, the first consumer MP3 player and many more.

To find out how the company has remained an industry leader throughout the years, we picked the brain of Copernio president Susan van Barneveld, APR.

There have been a couple of name changes in Copernio’s history. Can you share the motivation behind the latest one, which took place in 2013?

It was a process of looking at who we are today. We have been leaders in the implementation of communications technology and mediums from the Internet to social for our clients. Our company’s namesake, Copernicus, looked at the universe in a new way, and that is how we look at public relations. It is an ever changing and evolving practice that requires an agency that is on top of the latest trends, technologies and platforms.

Copernio is more than 50 years old and still thriving. How has the company adapted to the marketplace and kept its services relevant to today’s businesses?


By not standing still. We are always looking for new ways to tell our client’s story and influence the decision makers that matter to their business. Whether it is creating brand ambassadors on social media to developing in-depth relationships with key industry analysts, we are continually looking for new opportunities for our clients. We are also engaged in our industry by participating in industry events for both public relations and our client’s industries.

Your firm recently took home 11 Hermes Creative Awards, which is no small feat. Additionally, Copernio has consistently produced outstanding work year after year. What’s the secret to your success?

We have to credit our clients for our success – the great teams we work with and the interesting products and programs we get to work on. And most importantly, their willingness to try new things and push the envelope on what can be done for a company and brand.

What’s the one thing you want people to know about Copernio?

That we are passionate about what we do — passionate about communications and our work, and equally passionate about technology, which creates wonderful newsworthy topics and opportunities for us to work on. We also understand that we are in a relationship business, with both our clients and the media. By having the experience necessary to conduct effective communications / public relations programs, we are able to leverage our relationships to exceed our clients’ expectations.

What’s ahead for Copernio? 

Of course continuing to participate in the AMCP awards programs — it is a real boost for both our team and our clients to get the recognition of industry peers. As a company, we are looking forward to continuing to work with our current clients on exciting new programs, as well as growing our business to add new companies that we can work with.